Twitter launches new feature ‘Circle’

Learn what it is, how it works

Twitter just launched its latest feature – Twitter Circle. The feature will give more power to users over whom they share their tweets with and who can interact with them.

A statement posted by the micro-blogging platform said that Twitter Circle was developed as “a new way to Tweet to a smaller crowd.”

“This makes it easier to have more intimate conversations and build closer connections with select followers,” the statement read.

After receiving an “overwhelmingly positive” response, Twitter made the feature available to all users of the application after testing it since May.

Users can use the feature both on iOS and Android, as well as through the app’s website on a desktop.

The feature is similar to Instagram’s close friend that only allows limited people to view or retweet your tweets.

How can you use it?

Users can customize the Twitter circle to their preferences and add up to 150 people.

Here’s how you can create your own Twitter Circle

Go to the tweet composer.

From tweet composer: • Select choose audience. • Edit next to the Twitter Circle option. • Search for people you want in your circle, then add them. • Click on the X to continue drafting your Tweet.

From the main menu: • Tap Twitter Circle • Under edit Twitter Circle, Search for people you want in your circle, then add them. • Tap Add/Remove next to their name.

After this, every time you tweet, you will get an option to toggle between everyone or your Twitter circle before posting.

You can only make one circle at a time, and no one can retweet circle tweets.


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