Tarin comes up with ‘tu quoque’ argument over IMF ploy

Says no treason was committed
<p>Shaukat Tarin speaks to reporters at Parliament House in Islamabad</p>

Shaukat Tarin speaks to reporters at Parliament House in Islamabad

Former finance minister and PTI leader Shaukat Tarin came up with a ‘tu quoque’ argument on Wednesday after he failed to defend the instructions he had issued to Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa finance ministers over the IMF deal.

An audio leak on Monday exposed an alleged PTI ploy to scuttle a deal between the PMLN-led Pakistan government and the IMF for the release of the next loan tranche to the country.

In telephone conversations, which PTI’s Asad Umar verified as authentic, Tarin could be heard telling the two finance ministers to backtrack from their budget surplus commitment to the IMF.

Tarin told KP’s Taimur Jhagra and Punjab’s Mohsin Laghari to write letters to the Fund stating that due to floods they could not come up with budget surplus as the government had promised earlier.

After the audio was leaked and led to a public outcry, Umar and Jhagra defended the PTI plans saying there was nothing wrong in asking the Fund for more concessions.

The government, however, declared it a plot to derail the deal and push Pakistan into an economic crisis.

The Fund eventually approved the deal Monday night.

On Wednesday, reporters approached Tarin in Islamabad and bombarded him with questions.

Tarin said he was speaking about 220 million people of Pakistan. “There is no treason involved,” he said.

“If this is treason, then what it was when they said in January that they would tear up the agreement with the IMF or reverse it?” a visibly angry Tarin said referring to the PDM leaders, who are now in power.

Tu quoque is a type of argument in which an accused person turns an allegation back on his or her accuser, thus creating a logical fallacy.

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