Lesson learnt: Navin Waqar opens up on ‘life-changing’ divorce

Actor embraces the social taboo that altered who she is today

Navin Waqar is one of the known faces of the Pakistani industry. But few know the life-changing impact divorce had on her until now.

Having gained recognition after her blockbuster serial Humsafar, where she starred alongside industry icons such as Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan, the actor went on to have a very bumpy personal life.

Waqar married actor and comedian Azfar Ali in 2012. But they parted ways in 2015 in a very public and messy divorce.

Recently, while promoting her upcoming movie Carma, she gave an interview to Gloss Etc by Maliha Rehman where she revealed how the divorce had affected her.

“Of course, it was difficult for me to go through this tough time during my career because I was somebody who had just started,” she began, noting that she was still at a very impressionable stage.

“My first play was Humsafar, and it just skyrocketed, that put me on the map – the good and bad things as well.”

During the interview, the actor was asked about the media’s involvement in her personal life. To this, she said that the media’s attention on her marriage and divorce made her realize that she doesn’t want to overshare on social media.

“Since then, I’ve been more protective of my personal life,” she said.

“Every person goes through something or the other in their lives, and it leaves them with not such pleasant memories or experiences. Lesson learnt!”

Silver lining

The actor said after the entire fiasco ended and she began picking up the pieces, Waqar said she realized how strong she was to build herself up again.

“It was a very difficult transition, to go from there and then pull yourself out of it and stand up again,” she said, adding, “It required a lot of strength.”

“This whole situation made me realize how strong I was to be able to step out of that and then build myself up again. It was a great transition period for me, and yes, that has absolutely made me into that person where I don’t want to share my personal life with others,” said Waqar.

The Humsafar actor emphasized that she has now set boundaries and that she cannot invite people to see every aspect of her life.

“I don’t allow people to get into my personal space anymore because I learned it the hard way.”

Many viewers, however, still label her as a home wrecker, as they’re still not convinced by her struggles.

A comment on her post read, “If you are interested in a married man, then obviously everyone will criticize you. And then these types of people have the audacity to act as victims.”

User Aniesa_raja wrote, “It’s ironic how you didn’t learn anything from your role in Humsafar. You actually went and became the enemy of another woman.”

Another viewer commented, “The more I hear, the less convinced I am about her challenges.”

Fawad Khan

Mahira Khan

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