WATCH: ‘Read a thousand books and your words will flow like a river’

In Lahore, there is a unique book store that wants to create a world of books
Aug 30, 2022

Classical writer Virginia Woolf once stated: “Read a thousand books and your words will flow like a river.” In the digital age, the tendency to read books is fast running out of battery, making it difficult to turn books into a viable business.

While reader habits are fast becoming digital, a host of devices of all shapes, sizes and brightness making it all the easier to digitally consume content.

For those hooked on to the feel of the leather-bound book and the smell of old pages, the bookshop “Reading” in Lahore is a haven.

Built in a multi-storey building, it invites patrons to not only buy books but also enjoy reading them there as well.

The four-storey building stocks around a million books on its shelves which offer a ray of hope for those who still love reading them.

The store houses books on an exhausting list of genres, from art to literature, history to fictional romance.

The store also seeks to encourage youngsters to read books. For this purpose, an entire floor has been dedicated to children’s literature.

People can easily spend hours here reading their favorite books.

Mustansar Hussain Tarar, the famous writer, is a frequent visitor of the shop.

He noted that while habits have shifted, many people still cannot set aside their love for a good book, no matter what happens.

The manager of the ‘Reading’ bookshop said that their target was to inculcate a reading habit amongst people.

To keep people in the store for longer, a small food court has also been set up to cater to gastronomic hunger along with a hunger for reading.



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