‘Flood rose to third storey’: Swat’s Bahrain casts war-ravaged look

Around 300 shops and 15 hotels swept away

When flash floods hit Swat’s tourist destination of Bahrain water level rose to the third storey of hotels, local people have told SAMAA TV.

Bahrain wore a war-ravaged look when SAMAA TV crew arrived at this valley — the first broadcasting team to venture here.

A drone captured the devastation, showing rubble littering the riverside and concrete structures bereft of walls.

The destruction was more visible in the Bahrain Bazaar, which was swept away when the overflowing river changed its course.

Between 200 and 300 shops have been reduced to rubble and between 15 and 20 hotels were swept away by the flood torrent, reported Zaheer Ali Khan.

One or two hotels or buildings that you see here, were flooded up to their third storeys, he said.

This was once a beautiful marketplace but there is no sign of it now, said Zaheer.

While floods affected Kalam, Mingora, and other destinations in Swat Valley, Bahrain has suffered the most and people have lost everything they had, according to Zaheer Ali.

Some flood victims remain stuck in the area.

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