Who was legendary Olympian Manzoor Hussain Junior?

He passed away aged 63
<p>Photo: PHF</p>

Photo: PHF

Pakistan’s legendary Olympian Manzoor Hussain Junior has passed away in Lahore due to a heart attack.

Manzoor was shifted to the hospital, earlier today, after his health condition deteriorated.

The 63-year-old was currently working as the chairman of the PHF Selection Committee.

Birth and family background

Manzoor was born in Sialkot on October 28, 1958. He has two brothers, Maqsood Hussain and Mahmood Hussain, who also played hockey for Pakistan.

Hockey career

The striker made 175 appearances for Pakistan, where he notched up 86 goals. He represented the national side between 1975 and 1984.

He is famous for his heroics in the 1982 World Cup final, where he scored a goal by dodging six German defenders.

Manzoor was renowned for his brisk pace while controlling the ball and dribbling skills on the field.

Pride of Performance Award

In recognition of his great services, Manzoor was also given the Pride of Performance Award in 1984 by the Pakistan Government.

List of achievements


1976 Montreal - Bronze Medal

1984 Los Angeles - Gold Medal

World Cup

1975 Kuala Lumpur - Silver Medal

1978 Buenos Aires - Gold Medal

1982 Mumbai - Gold Medal

Asian Games

1978 Bangkok - Gold Medal

1982 New Delhi - Gold Medal

Asia Cup

1982 Karachi - Gold Medal

Champions Trophy

1978 Lahore - Gold Medal

1980 Karachi - Gold Medal

Junior World Cup

1979 Versailles - Gold Medal


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Manzoor Hussain Junior

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