Coalition partners slam K-P govt for playing politics over IMF program

PDM leaders term Jhagra's statement 'a ploy to drown country in flood of economic crisis'
Aug 27, 2022

The coalition government late Friday night condemned the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (K-P) government for playing politics over the International Monetary Fund (IMF) program by declaring that “a provincial surplus would not be possible” owing to the demands of the province not being met by the Center.

Leaders of the party allies termed K-P Finance Minister Taimur Jhagra’s letter to his federal counterpart “a ploy to drown the country in the flood of economic crisis.”

“It was Imran Khan that who signed the IMF deal on strict terms,” they said. “He tied the hand and feet of the economy himself before violating the same agreement.”

The Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) leaders said the PTI-led government laid mines in the foundations of the nation’s economy by giving subsidies so that the country becomes economically bankrupt.

The statement added that the incumbent government was forced to take extremely patient and difficult decisions just to save the country from economic bankruptcy.

They claimed that after four months of continuous hard work, the value of the rupee and the economic situation have started to improve. “The people are still drowning due to Imran’s four years of economic destruction and inflation.”

The joint statement pointed out that PTI was aware that the IMF board meeting is going to be held on August 29 in which the economic program was going to be revived.

“In this case, a malicious action has been taken by the K-P government,” they said, adding that the move is proof that the foreign-aided party is committed to the agenda of ruining the country’s economy.

The coalition government leaders vowed to thwart the conspiracy and defend Pakistan’s economic independence. “The government’s full focus and priority at this time is the relief and rescue of the flood victims, and this should remain a national priority.”

Their statement concluded that they will not let anyone’s politics interfere with the process of saving the lives of the flood victims and alleviating the problems faced by them.


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