Adidas introduces headphones with infinite battery life

They are powered by solar energy
<p>Photo: Adidas</p>

Photo: Adidas

Adidas has introduced the new solar-powered headphones with no hassle of charging.

Day or night, the new solar-powered got your back with 80 hours of battery life in darkness and infinite battery life due to its advanced solar panels.

They have a thin layer of panels, which powers the headphones and keeps them charged all time under the light.

The headphones can survive for another 80 hours of playback, even in darkness. Just for perspective, most headphones in the market can only last up to 24 hours.

The finishing of the headphones is so smooth that you can’t find the panels while looking at them. The panels look like a mesh material seen on many other headphones.

The RPT-02 SOL will cost you $230 and the best part of the headphones is that they not only charge with sunlight but can also charge themselves with any light source – be it sun, street light, or even the lights in your home and office.



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