After Toyota, Suzuki lowers prices by around 5%

Swift sees the most reduction in prices followed by Cultus and WagonR

With the rupee gaining Rs25.96 against the US dollar over the past fortnight, major car manufacturers have started revising downwards prices of their vehicles. The latest company to lower its prices are Pak Suzuki Motor Co. Ltd.

In a notification issued on Tuesday, Suzuki announced to lower the prices of its vehicles by as much as 5%.

The reductions, however, appear only marginal to the near 20% hike in prices by the company in early August.

The reductions were affected on 17 vehicular models that it manufactures locally including variants of Alto, WagonR, Cultus, Swift, Ravi and Bolan.

The biggest change in real terms was seen in the price of its luxury hatchback, Swift.

It’s Swift GLX CVT variant saw a price reduction of Rs199,000. This helped lower its price from the previous ex-factory price of Rs3.959 million to Rs3.760 million.

Similarly, its second variant, Swift GL CVT saw its price fall by Rs179,000 from Rs3.599 million to Rs3.420 million.

The base variant of Swift also saw a massive reduction in the price of around Rs169,000. The manual transmission vehicle saw its price reduced from Rs3.349 million to Rs3.180 million. It is still a far cry from its launch price last year of around Rs2.5 million.

Alto, the cheapest passenger car on offer by Pak Suzuki, saw its prices drop by as much as Rs116,000.

Alto AGS - the top variant of the model - saw its price fall from Rs2.339 million to Rs2.23 million, a difference of Rs116,000.

Its second variant, Alto VXR, saw its price fall from Rs2.079 to under Rs2 million, reduced by Rs103,000 to Rs1.976 million.

The price of the Alto base variant fell by just Rs90,000 from Rs1.789 million to Rs1.699 million.

WagonR and Cultus saw similar price reductions. But it was not enough to bring the price of the medium and top variant of Cultus to the sub-Rs3 million range.

Model Previous Price New Price Price Reduction
Alto VX 1,789,000 1,699,000 90,000
Alto VXR 2,079,000 1,976,000 103,000
Alto AGS 2,339,000 2,223,000 116,000
WagonR VXR 2,549,000 2,421,000 128,000
WagonR VXL 2,699,000 2,564,000 135,000
WagonR AGS 2,949,000 2,802,000 147,000
Cultus VXR 2,879,000 2,754,000 125,000
Cultus VXL 3,159,000 3,024,000 135,000
Cultus AGS 3,379,000 3,234,000 145,000
Swift GL MT 3,349,000 3,180,000 169,000
Swift GL CVT 3,599,00 3,420,000 179,000
Swift GLX CVT 3,959,000 3,760,000 199,000
Ravi 1,499,000 1,424,000 75,000
Ravi w/o deck 1,424,000 1,349,000 75,000
Bolan Van 1,579,000 1,500,000 79,000
Bolan Cargo 1,566,000 1,487,000 79,000




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