Google goes all out to celebrate Pakistan’s diamond jubilee

Creates a special means to celebrate the 75th Independence Day

Google has always had a special affinity for Pakistan and it was expected that for the 75th Independence Day, it would do a little extra. And Google did not disappoint.

The search engine giant surprised visitors from Pakistan with a host of digital “goodies” on August 14, Independence Day.

Knowing that millions will be lining up to search about the history of the country, including stories on the Partition, and what makes Pakistan unique, the search engine giant put up a special doodle to mark 75 years.

The doodle depicted Frere Hall in Karachi. Though a colonial relic, it had served as a critical office during the early years of the country’s creation.

“Happy Independence Day, Pakistan! Today’s annual Independence Day Doodle features Frere Hall in Karachi—a historic town hall building that was originally built as a town hall and now serves as an exhibition space and library,” Google said.

More than that, Google also changed its preciously guarded logo to fully embrace the green in its brand coloring.

Google changed part of the logo, removing the two ‘O’s to snugly fit the Pakistani flag - complete with the white part of the flag.

Moreover, if you clicked the doodle, you would be taken to a special page where you could learn all about Pakistan.

You would be informed about the date, what it stands for and why it is celebrated.

You would also learn:

  • When Pakistan got its independence?
  • Which Independence Day is it?
  • How many years old is Pakistan in 2022?
  • What is the real Independence Day of Pakistan

You are also greeted with green and white confetti falling from the top of the page in a special celebratory feature introduced by Google for the special day.

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