LISTEN: Announcement of Pakistan on August 14, 1947

Pakistan Broadcasting Service from Lahore announced the creation of the new state of Pakistan


As the clock struck midnight on the night between August 13 and 14, a radio broadcast was made from Lahore. The broadcasts, in English and Urdu, announced the creation of a new state in the Indian subcontinent.

The announcements not only ushered in a new state by the name of Pakistan but also determined the fate of millions of people in the new states.

The announcement brought with it the sound of freedom and a new reality for the residents of the subcontinent.

It then triggered

As Pakistan gears up to celebrate its diamond jubilees 75 years, let us rewind the clock to listen to the historic announcements which were made.

The announcements were made on Indian Broadcasting Service. The announcement in English was made by Zahur Azar.

He said:

“At the stroke of 12 midnight, the independent sovereign state of Pakistan will come into existence… This is Pakistan Broadcasting Service…”

The announcement in Urdu was made by Mustafa Ali Hamdani.

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