How a ‘blunder’ led to arrest of robber behind year’s biggest burglary in Karachi

Suspect robbed cash, jewelry worth Rs40.5 million cash, jewelry and other valuables in April
Aug 13, 2022

The Special Investigation Unit (SIU) of Sindh Police on Saturday arrested the robber who looted a builder’s house in Karachi – the haul of which made it the city’s biggest house robbery of the year so far.

It happened over three months ago in April at Muhammad Javed’s house located in posh Naval Housing Scheme.

The robber took away fortune-changing money, jewelry and even cheque books. According to SIU officials, they recovered local and foreign currency notes and jewelry worth a whopping Rs40.5 million from the suspect’s possession.

Suspect’s profile

SIU SSP Arif Aziz told SAMAA Digital that the prime suspect Sadiq was a certified pilot and served as a secretary at Association of Builders and Developers of Pakistan (ABAD) for many years.

However, what turned a certified pilot into a burglar was animosity towards his former colleague.

SSP Aziz said Sadiq was sacked from his job few years ago on alleged laptop theft. A case was also lodged against him at Clifton Police Station with Javed as plaintiff.

The incident brewed hatred and ignited the fire of vengeance in him against Javed.

SSP told that due to association of years, Sadiq knew that Javed goes to perform Umrah to Saudi Arabia with his family every year in the holy month of Ramazan.

And this year, he seized the opportunity.

The burglar barged into Javed’s house on April 25 (Ramazan 27). Since he had all the time in the world, he stayed there for two days and ransacked every nook and corner of the house.

On April 27, the suspect called a taxi to the same location and rode away in it with all the valuable stuff he had looted.

Javed learned about the robbery when he returned to Pakistan on May 9.

The ‘blunder’

Although the police were busy looking for the robbers for over three months, a blunder by Sadiq cut the frills for the police.

The suspect robbed some cheque books along with other stuff which had some signed cheques as well.

Just recently, he sent one of his confidante to the bank to cash a cheque of Rs250,000.

However, the bank administration already knew about the stolen cheque book. When the bank received one from the book, the administration immediately informed the police.

The police dashed to the bank and arrested the person who had come with the cheque.

During investigation with him, the police retrieved all information about Sadiq and carried out a raid in Karachi to apprehend him.



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