WATCH: Mystery still surrounds Pop icon Nazia Hasan’s death

Legendary singer wanted to 'end things' with former husband before death
Aug 13, 2022
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Legendary pop singer Nazia Hasan, who defined pop music for an entire generation of Pakistanis and opened a new musical chapter in the country, passed away on August 13, 2000, due to cancer in London.

But decades after her death, controversy emerged about her personal life just before her demise with her singer and music producer brother Zohaib Hassan alleging that Nazia was unhappy in her marriage, wanted a divorce and had allegedly claimed to have been poisoned by her former husband.

Last year, in a set of exclusive interviews, Nazia’s bother and her major singing partner Zohaib Hassan had claimed that before her death, while receiving treatment in the UK, the singer had claimed that her husband was poisoning her and had allegedly kept her against her wishes.

Furthermore, Zohaib said that Nazia had told him that before her time is up, she wanted to secure a divorce from her husband, industrialist Ishtiaq Baig.

Ishtiaq Baig, for his part, denied all allegations.

“After learning that she was suffering from cancer and that she had a limited time left to live together with heavy treatment including chemo and radiation therapy, Nazia was not in her senses,” Ishtiaq Baig said in an August 2021 interview to SAMAA TV.

Subsequently, Baig sued Zohaib Hassan for a billion rupees in the Sindh High Court for defamation while he also vowed to sue Zohaib abroad as well.

Baig termed the divorce documents submitted in court as forgeries and part of a scheme of the Hassan family to usurp the inheritance of Nazia.

While multiple hearings were held in the Sindh High Court (SHC), the case remains unresolved a year on.

With it, the mystery surrounding the circumstances in which Nazia Hassan breathed her last few days on earth, remains.

Nazia Hassan

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