WATCH: Jinnah’s true plan for Pakistan

The youth always featured heavily in his policies, not only to secure the present but also the future of the new state

Through tragedy, calamities and triumph, Pakistan has managed to stay a constant in this world for the past 75 years. But what was the plan that the country’s founder had for Pakistan?

As the country gears up to celebrates its diamond jubilee anniversary, SAMAA TV interviewed veteran researcher and former chief of the Quaid-e-Azam Academy Khwaja Razi Haider to gain some insights into the life of Pakistan’s founder Muhammad Ali Jinnah and the plan he had for the country.

The plan

While narrating the circumstances of the country’s creation, Haider said Pakistan gained independence from the British in haste.

The researcher said that the way events unfolded immediately after Partition, Jinnah knew that the newly founded country did not have access to the promised resources.

As a result, Haider said that Jinnah believed that the entire country needs to get together and work to develop the new nation the way they aspired it to be.

“He always asked everyone to work, work and work,” Haider said.

What if Jinnah was here today?

When asked what would have the country founder would makle of the country’s current predicament, Haider said that he would look to and address the issues faced by the youth.

Haider said Jinnah was always sensitive to the needs of youth. His writings, letters and other communique show the amount of time he spent thinking about the youth and the problems they faced.

He would have easily provided solutions to the problems faced by the youth today, he said.

The researcher also reminded how Jinnah, despite being a politician was quite unlike politicians of today and counter to popular belief would advise students against joining politics.

He used to ask them to complete their education before venturing into politics.

Unmatched acumen

Haider further said that Jinnah was enjoying his life in England when politicians and Muslim leaders of the subcontinent persuaded him to return to India .

The researcher said Jinnah’s brilliance can be gauged from the fact that he told everyone who questioned his politics to join the All India Muslim League to deliberate on policy matters.

The well-dressed gentleman politician

To understand the persona of the man called Quaid-e-Azam, SAMAA TV asked Haider about Jinnah’s overall personality.

The researcher said that there was no one as well-dressed as the nation’s founder.

Narrating an incident, he stated that once a man gifted him Khaddar, a traditional type of rough cloth, to him in Kashmir.

“People thought what would a finely dressed gentleman do with a traditional, coarse cloth. But Jinnah had the cloth stitched into a suit that amazed people,” Haider said, adding that witnesses recalled Jinnah looking “perfect”.

Narrating another incident highlighting Jinnah’s penchant for aristocratic British sense of dressing, he said that Jinnah interrupted an interview midway to fix his incorrectly placed cufflinks and profusely apologized to the journalist waiting in his study, who thought that Jinnah had left on account of bad health.

“He was a perfectionist!” he stressed, adding that even the smallest of wardrobe malfunctions bothered him.

He said Jinnah adopted a unique style for each event that he attended, whether it was a conference or a meeting, he always stood out for his immaculate and trendy dressing.

“Not only did he stand out for his politics, but he was also unique in terms of his extraordinary clothes and the personality that went with it.”

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