Enemy or friend? Imran Khan ‘secretly’ contacts US Envoy Donald Blome

Khan’s assertions that the US was architect of conspiracy against his government became ‘staple’ of his fresh narrative

In a surprising development, former prime minister Imran Khan secretly contacted US Ambassador Donald Blome and remonstrated the US policy towards his government ousted through a no-confidence motion which the former claimed was backed by the US.

As reported by SAMAA TV, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Chief Minister Mahmood Khan contrived contact between his party chairman and US envoy.

The development happened when the US ambassador visited Peshawar and handed over ambulances to the provincial government.

Khan’s assertions that the US was behind the conspiracy against his government that led to his ouster became a ‘staple’ of his narrative against what he labels an ‘imported government’.

Imran Khan and the KP government received criticism over ‘duplicity’ on receiving ambulances from the US government. However, they countered it by saying that Imran Khan had never been against ties with any country but rather developing them on an equal basis.

According to SAMAA TV, the KP chief minister met Blome separately and arranged a phone call between Imran Khan and the US official.

During the brief telephonic conversation, Imran Khan expressed reservations on the US policy against his government in the center.

He said that the views of the US official Donald Lu - who Khan alleged threatened the Pakistani ambassador - should not have become the views of the US administration.

He said that the Pakistani nation gave an intense reaction against the US.

In response, the US ambassador said that he has been in the office for only two months.

However, Blome assured Khan that he would convey the message to the Biden administration.

Imran Khan

Qureshi Aug 12, 2022 09:55am
This man IK is a fraud. He build a narrative about conspiracy from US for the fall of his govt but want to have cordial relation. He say something and does totally different thing. He is immature, erratic, anarchist, selfish, self-centred and in fact he is a crank.
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