NEPRA adds additional charges to KE bills for August, September

Charges added on account of rising cost of fuel in the months of May and June
Aug 11, 2022
<p>Photo: Online</p>

Photo: Online

The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) on Thursday revised the fuel adjustment charges to be recovered from customers of K-Electric for June 2022 in bills issued in August and September.

Moreover, fuel adjustment charges for power consumed during May will also be recovered during bills issued in August.

According to a notification issued by the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) on Thursday, owing to variations in the price of fuel imported and the depreciation of the rupee, the difference between the cost of power generated and bills issued to consumers for the power they consumed is adjusted in subsequent bills.

In this regard, NEPRA has allowed K-Electric (KE) to recover the excess cost for June 2022 in the bills for August and September.

The excess cost adjustments will be billed per unit consumed in June at a rate of Rs11.1023 per kilo-Watt hour (kWh). This rate, however, will be spread out over two months, August and September.

The notification read that for August, consumers will be billed the additional sum at a rate of Rs3.0114 per kWh.

For September, this will rise to Rs8.0909 per kWh.

But consumers will have to bear a double burden for August and September with fuel cost adjustment for May also incorporated in their bills for these months.

NEPRA, however, revised downwards the FCA for May from Rs6.8860 per kWh to Rs6.8858.

Effectively, this would mean that an additional Rs0.5715/unit will be charged for three months between August 2022 to October 2022 for the consumption of power in June, July and August respectively.

NEPRA’s decision means that the average power tariff of K-Electric will increase to Rs26.08/unit.

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