Meeting ‘Pak Hyderi scouts’ who assist during Muharram processions

Been serving people since 1952

The Pak Hyderi Scouts have been serving the people since 1952. They have zero political and religious representation. The scouts comprise Sunnis and Shias both.

The male scouts have three groups. Kids aged 6-11 are part of the Shaheen scouts, males between the age of 11 and 17 are part of the boy scouts while the rover scouts are aged from 17-25.

Kids belonging to the Shaheen scouts give water to people attending the Muharram procession and show them directions.

Males, part of the boy scouts, are responsible for handling first aid duties, guiding service lane traffic, performing their basic duties and coordinating with the district administration.

The rover scouts control the traffic on the main roads, apart from being experienced in providing advanced first aid treatment. If there is an untoward incident, then the rover scouts are ready to rescue people. They have to manage the entire Muharram procession.

The work done by Pak-Hyderi scouts is merely community service. They work during Muharram and Rabi-ul-Awwal.

Speaking to SAMAA TV, a senior scout member, Manzar, said the Pak Hyderi scout also make sure coronavirus SOPs are followed and people attending the procession maintain distance.

They are prepared to give emergency responses. “For instance, there is always a fear of a terrorist attack,” he said. “We coordinate with the bomb disposal squad and are ready to assist the administration in everyway.”

Manzar added that the scouts are ready to sacrifice their lives while performing their duties. “Even the parents have accepted this and won’t mind if their children lay down our lives while doing their job.”

A female member of the girls scouts, Kulsoom, said their job is just to help people. “No matter if we are in uniforms or not, we will continue helping people.”

She added that they keep a good check on bags carried by people and thoroughly check them.

Towards the end of the interview, Manzar said there is no course for the scouts, but they are taught to observe a lot.

Muharram 2022

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