Hindu community prepares Taziyas for Ashura in Karachi

Tradition continues in Old City of Narayan Pura

Little did we know that the Hindu community of Karachi takes part in the Muharram processions, but in their own way.

Josh Malihabadi in his famous quote said, “Let humanity awaken, and every nation will claim Hussain as their own.”

Today, we are going to show you a live example of this quote.

As soon as Muharram ul Haram commences in Karachi, so does the preparation of Taziya and Alam. This is an area of the Old City, known as Narayan Pura where the Hindu and Sikh community are busy in preparing Taziyas.

“Even though we are Hindus, we deeply respect this day”, said RajuKhem Jee. Another Hindu claimed that they have seen this since they were young.

According to a resident, Bhola Bachan, “The public starts giving Niaz from the 5th of Muharram in Narayen Pura, but it increases on the 9th and 10th Muharram.”

“When I was young, our elders used to prepare the Taziya, so I used to sneak a look on their face from under them. When the procession used to pass our area, I used to wonder how they would make the taziya considering how beautiful it was,” Resident Ameet Partap reminisced. “I feel very blessed to get an opportunity to provide this service now. People know this taziya by the name of dul dul. Dul dul in Sankrit is called Zuljanah.”

“This Taziya stays out for 2 days, mostly on the 9th and 10th of Muharram, but it takes us about one year to get it ready. We slowly do the work to complete it, and our actual preparation starts before Eid- ul- Adha.”

For many years now, this Taziya has been recovered from this same site and the Hindu community expresses its love and devotion with the site of Imam e Ali.

The Taziya leaves Narayan Pura for exhibition as part of a procession and then comes back at the night of 9th Muharram.

“We have been witnessing this since decades,” said another local. “I was only ten, and now I am 55 years old. I still bear witness to this.”


Muharram 2022

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