Karachi fishermen stumble upon prized silver pomfret

In local market the fish, also known as paplet, is sold at Rs2,000/kg
<p>This combo shows fishermen with their catch of silver pomfret.</p>

This combo shows fishermen with their catch of silver pomfret.

Monsoon in South Asian coastal regions affects the income of fishermen who cannot venture out to the open sea. Karachi’s fishing communities are no different and dwindling savings — in an extended monsoon season this year — have forced them to go on the sea. Last week, one of their boats capsized in the Arabian Sea near Karachi. Thankfully, everyone was rescued.

But now a group of Karachi fishermen has stumbled upon a flock of silver pomfret, known as paplet in the local market. It was a big catch worth hundreds of thousands of rupees, said the fishermen.

A video shared with SAMAA Digital showed a group of fishermen rejoicing on a boat as they empty their nets on the deck and then into the storage areas.

They had gone on the sea after a two-month ban on fishing in the open sea.

Silver pomfret or paplet is sold at Rs2,000 (US$8.91) per kg in the local market. In Kuwait and other Arab markets it can fetch more than double that price.

What is silver pompfret or paplet

Silver pomfret or paplet is also called butterfish as its flesh is soft and buttery when cooked.

The fish is prized in the Indo-Asia-Pacific region for its taste.

In Karachi and Goa, it is called paplet, in Mumbai Maanj, and on the Mideastern coast it is known as zubaidi. The Arabic name is derived from zubdah, meaning ’butter.

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