Boat capsizes near Karachi’s Do Darya

Fishermen swam to the shore to save their life
<p>Fishing boats docked at Karachi port. Photo: Online</p>

Fishing boats docked at Karachi port. Photo: Online

At least 11 people were injured after a boat capsized in the Arabian sea near Karachi on Saturday.

As per the initial reports, the fishermen were out in the sea to catch fish near Do Darya when their boat capsized.

Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum Chairman Kamal Shah confirmed that all the fishermen, who are experts at swimming, managed to save themselves after the boat flip mishap.

“They have minor injuries and do not require tertiary care as of now,” he added.

Karachi weather and sea condition

The fourth monsoon spell has entered Karachi today. With light to heavy rains predicted over the next few days, the fishermen have been advised to practice caution.

July and August are high tide months, thereby, authorities continue to request citizens to refrain from swimming in the sea.

Ban on swimming at Karachi beaches

After multiple drowning incidents were reported over the weekend, the Karachi administration has imposed a ban on swimming and boating on seas and the violators can get up to six months of jail time as punishment.

According to a notification issued by Commissioner Karachi Division’s office, due to torrential rains and high tides in the “sea, swimming, diving, bathing and boating in the sea/beaches may cause harm to public life.”


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