Fast food chain employee shot in the neck over cold French fries

The suspect was soon arrested after fleeing the scene

A fast food chain worker in the United States was shot in the neck by a customer for serving ‘cold’ French fries.

The 23-year-old victim has been hospitalized following a life-threatening attack over a minor dispute.

The young employee, identified as Matthew Webb, was working at a fast food joint on Fulton Street, New York when a woman in her 40s approached him to complain about ‘cold’ French fries.

At the time of the argument, she was also on a video call with her 20-year-old son who soon arrived on the scene with a weapon.

Police said that when the altercation escalated, the young customer shot Webb with a 9mm handgun.

The unfortunate employee was rushed to the Brookdale hospital in critical condition where he was being treated for the injury.

The accused attacker, Michael Morgan, fled the scene but was soon arrested by police.

The assailant has a record of 12 prior arrests as per local media.

Reportedly, the suspect’s mother told the cops that she heard the gunshot but did not see the shooting.

“She must have been in shock,” an eyewitness of the incident said about her.


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