Uncertainty surrounds Nintendo Switch Pro

New console is expected to release this year
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The highly-anticipated Nintendo Switch Pro is surrounded by uncertainties due to continuing supply problems across the globe.

Nintendo is expected to release the new Switch Pro later this year, however, it seems like the company is battling against time due to supply shortage.

Fans are anticipating the release of an improved console version since the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch OLED were introduced.

But given that Nintendo is still battling the ongoing global chip crises, it seems unlikely that the rumored gaming console will be ready in time.

According to the Japan-based newspaper Nikkei, the company is unlikely to introduce a new model by the end of this fiscal year because of the inadequate production of Semi-Conductors (March 2023).

Instead, it will try to make the best use of its present hardware to hit its ambitious sales goals.

Despite the production vows, Nintendo might not be in a rush to replace the current Switch models. As reported by GamesIndustry.biz that the Nintendo Switch is the company’s best-selling home console.

They will be eager to get the most out of the hardware while delaying the console’s suspension as much as possible.



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