Fazl says Imran’s removal saved Pakistan from breaking apart

PDM chief names Mideastern country for funding PTI, says economic stability measures to be announced on Wednesday
<p>Fazlur Rehman. PHOTO FILE</p>

Fazlur Rehman. PHOTO FILE

Jamiat-e-Ulema Fazl (JUIF) Chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman has defended the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) decision to remove Imran Khan as prime minister by a no-trust vote, saying that had the PTI chairman been allowed to continue in office, Pakistan would have disintegrated.

At a press conference in Peshawar on Sunday, Fazlur Rehman, who heads the PDM, also downplayed the claims that there was any disagreement among the PDM parties or leaders over completing the remaining terms of the federal government.

He also said that it was not true that the PPP and JUIF had pushed the PML-N into an unpleasant situation. Nawaz Sharif approved even the final statement, he said.

He stressed that the PDM government would complete its term and general elections would be held after that.

Fazlur Rehman said that Imran Khan destroyed the Gwadar deep sea port and that the PDM’s first priority was to safeguard the CPEC and the investment from China.

Fazlur Rehman said that the Financial Times story on the sources of PTI’s funding has established that Imran Khan was propped into power with foreign funding to scuttle the CPEC project.

“Yesterday, the story about Abraaj Group surfaced … showing how much money was pumped into PTI.”

Fazlur Rehman said that Abu Dhabi’s rulers had funded the PTI so that Imran Khan is propped into power at every cost and then scuttled the CPEC.

Measures for salvaging the economy

He said Imran Khan had left the country in a quagmire and it was not easy to get free.

“Imran Khan lied that Rs25 billion are in handy for reserves, only $8 billion reserves were there when he left the PM’s office,” the JUIF chief said.

He said that unlike Imran Khan the coalition government has come forth with long-term goals to bring prosperity to the country and these plans would be announced within the next few days.

Referring to the planned two-day PDM summit, the JUIF chief said that measures to improve the economy would be announced on Wednesday.

Regarding by-elections for vacant national assembly seats, the seasoned far-right politician said the PDM will field joint candidates.

He said the candidates will be the ones who were runner-up in the 2018 general elections.

The PDM chief said that all of Pakistan’s religious, secular, and nationalist parties had united at the moment because they recognized that there was a threat to the country’s existence.

Fata merger

Fazlur Rehan also spokes about the demands of people from the erstwhile Fata, saying that the locals were capable of defending themselves but the state has taken away arms from them.

The maulana said he plans to meet the prime minister in this regard.

He demanded that the local police and administration should be empowered to end this issue.

The PDM lead also pointed out that the gas reserves discovered in the region belong to the locals and hence the benefits of development should reach them.

He hoped that the government would address the problems faced by the youth of such underdeveloped areas and initiate programs to help them achieve success in the future.

maulana fazlur rehman


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