Evidence available of judges’ families attending PTI jalsas: Rana Sanaullah

Interior minister says senior most general should become army chief

Highlighting how the judiciary is under the thumb of Supreme Court’s chief justice, Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah on Thursday said there is video and documented evidence of judges’ families attending PTI rallies.

“But if we bring this forward then it could be termed as contempt of court,” the security czar said while speaking exclusively on Nadeem Malik’s talk show on SAMAA TV.

The federal minister recalled how families of judges were also present in the courtroom gallery and chanted slogans when deposed prime minister Nawaz Sharif was removed from his post in the past.

“Judiciary does not only mean the chief justice,” he said. “Judiciary means all the judges.”

Sanaullah maintained that every important case is heard by the same bench, and even “brother judges” are concerned about this.

“The judiciary is not even independent when someone from inside the institution influences verdicts,” he said, deploring that a suo moto notice is at the discretion of just one judge.

“If the suo moto powers were abused like this, then it will cause damage,” Sanaullah added. “We will have to make amendments to the Constitution in this regard.”

The interior minister went on to say that the people who have to find a way out of the prevailing political turmoil are the ones who are currently clueless.

Discussing the appointment of the next army chief, the interior minister was of the view that there should be a proper procedure in this regard, similar to the appointment of the chief justice.

“The senior most general should become the army chief,” he said. “Problems arise when a general on the second or third number of seniority list is made the chief.”

Sanaullah further said the military as an institution itself should end the legislation pertaining to an extension in the army chief’s tenure. “Not just the government, but the institution itself, should get rid of the law for the army chief’s extension.”

Responding to a question regarding whether the army chief’s appointment should be finalized two months before the end of the incumbent COAS tenure, as suggested by President Arif Alvi, he said a consensus based decision of appointing the new army chief can be made, which will also be facilitated by Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif.

Commenting on the Punjab speaker’s election on Friday, Sanaullah concluded that PTI candidate Sibtain Khan will lose. “Sibtain will lose and Saif ul Malook Khokhar will become the speaker. I believe that he will win, and then we will make sure Elahi is sent back.”

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zahir Jul 29, 2022 02:10am
This man speaks rubbish. Every person has right to support any political party they wish and wives or families of judges are no exception. He talks about Sou Moto but if all the judges had that privilege that its likely that PMLN will be complaining as they are the ones who tend to go against the law.
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