Stefi Troguet dedicates K2 summit to ‘second father’ Ali Sadpara

He died on the peak last year
<p>Photo: Facebook/Stefi Troguet</p>

Photo: Facebook/Stefi Troguet

Andorra’s Stefi Troguet reached the summit of K2, world’s second highest mountain, on Friday and dedicated it to Ali Sadpara, Sergi Mingote and Antonio Atanas who all lost their lives on K2 last winter.

The most notable fact about her summit was the fact that she did it without supplemental oxygen.

The remains of Pakistani mountaineering legend Muhammad Ali Sadpara, along with Iceland’s John Snorri and Juan Pablo Mohr from Chile, was spotted near “the bottleneck” — a narrow gully just hundreds of metres from the summit last year.

The bodies of three mountaineers who died during a winter expedition on Pakistan’s K2, were found months after they went missing while scaling the world’s second-highest peak.

In an interview with Explorers Web, last year, Troguet said that Sadpara was like a second father for her.

“I am aware that accidents cannot be ruled out when climbing 8,000’ers,” she said. “Death and pain are cards in the deck we play with in the Himalaya, and I have spoken about it honestly with my family. But when I assume that danger, I was thinking of myself — not my friends! So I was totally in shocked when I heard about Sergi, then Cala [Cimenti, killed in an avalanche in the Alps], and anguished when Ali went missing.”

“Their loss hit me harder than I could have expected. For two weeks, I was unable to train or go out. I played over and over the videos that I had recorded from Nanga and Manaslu, especially those with Ali. He was like a second father to me,” she added.

K2 is considered the ultimate mountaineering challenge due to extremely difficult topography and harsh weather. The pyramid-shaped mountain is prone to avalanches and frequent storms. Due to the high altitude, only one-third of oxygen is available to a climber on the summit of K2 as compared to sea level.

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