Hub river bridge connecting Sindh, Balochistan closed for heavy traffic

NHA officials say floods swept away protective walls of three pillars

The Hub river bridge, located at the confluence of Sindh and Balochistan, has been closed for traffic after its pillars were weakened by the recent floods.

Authorities said a huge load of water released from the Hub dam spillway was one of the main culprits responsible for bridge infrastructure weakening.

Flash floods caused by heavy downpour in Lasbela had increased the flow of water at the Hub dam, which then overflowed to send floodwaters gushing to the Hub river.

A team of infrastructure experts from the NHA inspected the bridge after they received reports that its base may have weakened. After completing their inspection, they recommended closing the bridge for traffic to avoid any accident.

NHA South General Manager Noor Hasan has warned that floodwaters have entered the Hub river and proper inspection of the bridge will only be possible when the flow subsides.

“Floodwaters are raging under this bridge in addition to water spilling from the Hub dam which has weakened the base,” he explained.

“We do not want to put lives at risk therefore we have closed the bridge for traffic,” he added.

He also highlighted that a team of experts from NED university visited the site and proposed to temporarily close the bridge to heavy traffic.

Hasan maintained that since the harsh monsoon spell is expected to continue for the next few weeks, as a precaution citizens should adopt alternative travel routes and avoid the already weakened bridge.

Earlier, the NHA officials had told the media that the protective walls of at least three pillars supporting the bridge were washed away by the flood.

They had stressed the need to repair the bridge urgently to avoid a deadly accident involving its collapse.

On the other hand, due to the closure of the bridge, the direct land connection between Sindh and Balochistan has been cut off.

Long queues of vehicles, buses and trucks have got stuck on both sides of the bridge.



Hub river

Hub bridge

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