Lahore sees 20-year monsoon rain record shattered

Whopping 238mm rain recorded in Tajpura

Another battering spell of monsoon lashed Lahore late at night, shattering a double-decade record, and causing urban floods to cripple the city.

Tajpura, an area of Lahore, received a whopping 238mm of rain on Wednesday according to the data issued by the Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD).

The department has further warned citizens about intermittent showers across Punjab during the next 24 to 48 hours while underscoring that the current monsoon spell will last till July 25.

The director of the Met department also issued an alert to all concerned institutions to draw up contingency plans in view of possible natural disaster.

Lahore inundated

Incessant rain in Lahore has resulted in rainwater accumulating in the Gaddafi Stadium and its surrounding areas.

Meanwhile, the district administration and Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA) staff are actively working to ensure the drainage of rainwater from the main highways of the city.

According to the Wasa spokesperson, the process of removing water from the area surrounding Gaddafi Stadium through machinery and manual labor is ongoing.

Rainfall data shared by PMD
Rainfall data shared by PMD

As per the report issued by the PMD, the highest amount of rainfall was recorded in Tajpura 238mm, followed by Lahore Airport 219mm, Mughalpura 174mm, Paniwala Talab 158mm and Johar Town 124mm.

Citizens have been asked to practice caution and limit travel to avoid accidents.

Rainfall in the city of gardens began on Wednesday night, which continued intermittently into Thursday morning. Dark clouds hovered over the city dropping water load as light or heavy rain fell across the city.

Mall Road, Shimla Pahari, Garhi Shahu, Ferozepur Road, Green Town, Township Multan Road, Mughalpura, Harbanspura, Canal Road, Wahadat Road, Ferozepur Road, old city and several other areas were affected by the rain.

Other Punjab,KP cities receive downpours

Under the fresh spell of Monsoon, rainfall continued for a second day in Sialkot and surrounding areas too, turning the weather pleasant. However, low-lying areas were flooded due to continuous rain.

On Thursday, light rain in different areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa gave the necessary reprieve from the heat wave that had been ongoing for the past several days.

Dark clouds and cold winds have taken on Peshawar since the morning of July 21.

Satellite image by PMD
Satellite image by PMD


The Met predicted light rains to grace several parts of the provincial capital of the Sindh province on Thursday, July 21.

A statement from the Met Office further stated that there was no chance of heavy showers on Thursday, though a strong monsoon system may attract heavy downpours in Karachi on the night of July 24 or 25.

The city recorded a temperature of 29 degrees Celsius on Thursday morning, while winds of 25kmph are expected to blow during the day.

A heavy spell of rain is expected to enter from Umarkot in Karachi between July 24-25.

Balochistan death toll soars

The number of deaths in Balochistan due to torrential rains, floods and various incidents has soared to ninety.

Met department confirmed that the 30-year rainfall record in Balochistan was broken in the month of July this year.

At least 987mm of downpour has been recorded in Balochistan so far, in which four national highways, nine bridges along with seven dams in Chaman, Dera Bugti, Pashin, Turbat and Qila Abdullah were damaged.

Moreover, 11 people also died due to stomach and intestinal diseases in the areas affected by monsoon rains and flood rails during the past two weeks.

The total tally of affectees has risen up to 3,000 while the largest province of the country in terms of area is expected to experience more light showers in the next few days.






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