Pashtun Qaumi Jirga denounces ‘ethnic color’ being given to events in Sindh

Calls for Sindh government to play its role

Pashtun Qaumi Jirga has called for the Sindh government to play its role in restoring the atmosphere of fraternity in the province as it denounced ‘ethnic color’ being given to the killing incident in Hyderabad which led to violent protests and incidents in parts of Sindh.

Violent clashes, that erupted following a tiff over a food order in Hyderbad leaving one dead, spread to Karachi and other parts of Sindh last week.

Pashtun Qaumi Jirga organized an event in Quetta on the topic of peace against the backdrop of the recent happenings in Sindh.

The attendees of the event included tribal elders, politicians, and members of the business community.

The speakers at the event called for the Sindh government to take action for maintaining law and order in the province.

They also agreed on increasing interprovincial communication for a peaceful environment.

How it all began?

An FIR registered at Bhittai Nagar Police Station in Hyderabad by Salaam stated that on July 12, his brother, Bilal Kaka, along with his friends, Sarfaraz alias Jani, Imran Malik, Zeeshan Jamali and Waqar Patoli, had gone to the Super Salateen Hotel near the Hyderabad Bypass for dinner.

There, the group of friends claimed, a hotel staffer identified as Bakhtiyar - son of hotel owner Shahsawar - allegedly misbehaved with them.

When they complained about him to Shahsawar, he did not take any action. Instead, Shahsawar allegedly defended Bakhtiyar and told the group to either have their dinner quietly or leave.

Kaka’s friends told Salaam that a heated argument then ensued between the group and the hotel’s owner and staff. Meanwhile, one of Shahsawar’s sons, identified as Malhaar, arrived.

Subsequently, the hotel owner, his sons Bakhtiyar and Malhaar along with hotel staff allegedly encircled the group. Around five to six staffers armed themselves with iron rods while one person carried a firearm.

Salaam claimed that per Kaka’s friends, Shahsawar allegedly pointed toward Kaka and directed his staff to attack. Subsequently, Bakhtiyar allegedly attacked Kaka with an iron rod.

Simultaneously, the other staff of the hotel also attacked Kaka’s friends, injuring them.

When Kaka and his friends tried to flee, Shahsawar, who had allegedly picked up an iron rod, also attacked them.

Salaam claimed when all members of the group fell unconscious because of their injuries, an assailant allegedly fired into the air to scatter the crowd and other customers at the hotel.

After the gathering crowd had dispersed, the assailants checked the injured one by one. When they discovered that Kaka was non-responsive, the assailants once again fired into the air and fled.

Salaam said that he was called by their mutual friend Aamir Khan at 2:30 am on July 12 that Kaka and his friends had been injured in a clash at Super Salateen Hotel and that they had been rushed to the Civil Hospital in Hyderabad.

Salaam told the police that following Aamir’s phone call, he rushed to the Civil Hospital in Hyderabad. When he entered the emergency ward of the hospital, he saw Kaka lying on a gurney with a white shroud pulled over his head.

He said that he saw Kaka had a wound on the right side of his head and blood dripping from the wound.

The Bhitai Nagar police subsequently registered an FIR against Shahsawar, his sons, hotel staffers and five to six unidentified people based on Salaam’s complaint.

They included sections 302 (murder), 324 (attempted murder), 147 (rioting), 148 (rioting, armed with a deadly weapon), 149 (unlawful assembly), 337 H (ii) (hurt by rash or negligent act), 109 (punishment of abetment) of the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC).

The postmortem report of Kaka showed that he had suffered trauma injury from a hard and blunt object. The autopsy further confirmed multiple blows to the head and impaling the chest.



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