Lahore man brings home sacrificial animals of ‘every size’ for Eidul Azha

He will offer camels, bulls, sheep and goat for sacrifice
Jul 09, 2022

A man in Lahore has purchased different species of sacrificial animals to perform the religious ritual.

The resident of the City of Gardens has purchased two camels and bulls each, sheep and goats, and he ensured that the animals he bought were both beautiful and healthy.

SAMAA TV’s Anas Zafar visited the house where sacrificial animals of every size have been kept and witnessed the family members, especially children, engaged in looking after them.

These animals have certainly engrossed owner’s daughter, Dua, who has got so attached to them that she wants her father to skip Qurbani this year.

“I leave no stones unturned in looking after them [sacrificial animals] and giving them food and I have asked Baba to not slaughter them.”

Famous writer Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar also visited the house to see the animals.

While talking to SAMAA TV, he advised the people to remember the people, while performing the religious ritual, who could not afford it.

“No one knows, in this runaway inflation, that who is able to afford cooking meat and who is deprived of this blessing for months,” he said.

The owner said that the religious ritual should be performed as good as could be, adding that he tries to do his best every year.


Eidul Azha

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