NCA-Bahria Town deal: SBP has no info about ₤190m received from UK

The central bank has officially responded for the first time

The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has expressed ignorance about the transfer of ₤190 million as a result of agreement between United Kingdom’s National Crime Agency (NCA) and Bahria Town Pvt Ltd in 2019-20.

For the first, the central bank officially has officially revealed that it has no record of any such transactions/payments made after the UK NCA froze 190 million British Pounds and transferred the amount to Pakistan.

“The State Bank of Pakistan does have any record of the requested information [of 190 million pounds transactions),” one of the key SBP officials told SAMAA TV’s Investigation Unit.

He was responding to a request made under “The Right of Access to Information Act, 2017” asking, “whether the SBP is aware of the return of ₤190 million from UK as a result of agreement reached between Bahria Town and NCA?”

To a question whether SBP had any information regarding the return of ₤190 million from the UK, the representative of the Central Bank Raza Mohsin Qazilbash in a written reply sent to SAMAA stated, “The Bank has no record of the said amount.”

Qazilbash, however, said information regarding details of the credits and debits in bank accounts is a confidential issue and not all information in this connection can be shared.

“In this respect, it is stated that the requested information does fall within the ambit of sections 5 and 6 of the Right of Access to Information act, 2017,” the response further stated.

SAMAA had asked:

“Has the UK directly transferred the said amount to National Bank of Pakistan (NBP), if so how much was the amount and when was it transferred in the account?”

It also asked on which authority’s directions and in which account the ₤190 million were transferred and kept? On whose instructions the said amount was transferred to Bahria Town so that liabilities of Supreme Court fines imposed on it land grabbing cases could be settled.

The SIU further questioned whether SBP had imposed any tax on the amount. SBP’s representative Raza Mohsin Qazilbash stated that the Central Bank has no record of the amount received from the UK via agreement between Bahria Town and NCA.

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