Chitral flood warning: District administration orders people to evacuate

Pasum Gol glacier has blocked Yarkhun River, creating natural makeshift dam

A fallen glacier resulting from a Glacial-lake outburst has blocked the flow of the Yarkhun River turning it into a lake in Mastuj Pasum Gol Upper Chitral according to the district administration.

The national disaster management authority has been put on high alert by the district administration in wake of the increasing flow of the river from Pasum Gol.

An order has also been issued to evacuate people from the adjoining areas to prevent any untoward incident.

The local authorities have asked people to move to safer locations as the risk of glacial lake outburst flood (GLOF) heightened due to glacial-blockade of Yarkhun River.

The local population is feared to be affected by the floods in the Chitral River if the glacier-dam breaks thereby the people are being urged to take precautionary measures and not stay back in the risky terrain.


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