Alleged audiotape: Bushra Bibi directs PTI SM team to link criticism against Khan with ‘treason’

Conversation suggests then-first lady knew corruption scandal involving Farah Khan was to surface

An alleged phone call between Imran Khan’s wife Bushra Bibi and PTI’s social media head Arsalan Khalid has revealed that the former first lady issued directions to PTI’s social media warriors to link criticism against Imran Khan with a “foreign conspiracy” and “treason.”

In the alleged audiotape aired by SAMAA TV, Bushra Bibi could be heard asking the social media head why he and his teams were inactive for a week and not running the trends to propagate Imran Khan’s “foreign conspiracy” narrative.

Giving directions on countering the criticism against Khan, Bushra Bibi instructed the PTI social media team to link everything against Imran Khan with the “foreign conspiracy”, which Khan has repeatedly claimed was hatched by the United States to remove him from power.

The tape also indicated that Bushra Bibi knew beforehand that a corruption scandal involving Farah Khan alias Farah Gogi was to surface in the next few days.

The contents of the conversation show that the instructions were issued around April 5, when Russia issued a statement on the situation in Pakistan. This was four days before Imran Khan was ousted by the Parliament in a vote of no-confidence and Bushra Bibi was still the first lady.

Bushra Bibi tells Khalid to highlight the Russian statement and turn it into a social media trend.

Here is the transcription of the alleged audio:

Bushra: Listen to me carefully.

Arsalan: Yes.

Bushra: Khan Sahib told you yesterday to do a conspiracy hashtag …

Arsalan: Yes, yes …

Bushra: So many people called [me] that your social media was very active, but it has been inactive for a week. Why is it like that beta. You have to be very active these days.

Arsalan: Actually… yesterday …

Bushra: Ok … now listen to me. Like there is Aleem Khan and others like him … They would say a lot against me and Khan Sahib …

Arsalan: Okay

Bushra: And they would hurl more filth in future … the girl who is with me … Farah against her.

Arsalan: Okay ..

Bushra: … they would hurl a lot of filth … will also give testimonies of people … you don’t have to make an issue of it … you just link all of this with treason …

Arsalan: Okay, right.

Bushra: Okay?

Bushra: This Aleem Khan and others what they will speak … This is all pre-planned.

Arslan: Right jee.

Bushra: You need to link all of it with treason … You have to raise the letter on social media that we know that the letter is real … Okay?

Arsalan: Okay …

Bushra: And we know that all of them have come together due to treason and they have sided with the traitors to save themselves … and traitors are foreign powers as well as … you know all of it … Okay?

Arsalan: Okay, right jee.

Bushra: Now you know it … today you have to raise the Russian [statement] that they [the Russians] know that Imran Khan is facing betrayal in his country and the country as well and see their statement. Now you don’t let this [issue] sleep …

Arsalan: Okay… absolutely right.

Bushra: And make it a trend that they [Russians] also know that Khan and country were facing treason … see a statement has come today.

Arsalan: Okay… okay.

Bushra: Arsalan .. secondly I want to tell you … I and that Farah … they will hurl a lot of filth about us … you have to link that also with that we know who is the traitor doing this …

Arsalan: Alright … we have to do it in a way that they are doing it because they are traitors themselves and therefore…

They were trying to find out how Khan Sahib was dodging everything and how he knew everything beforehand — Bushra Bibi

Bushra: They were trying to find out how Khan Sahib was dodging everything and how he knew everything beforehand…

Arsalan: Alright … alright

Bushra: Are you getting it … but I am telling this to you only that you don’t have to take up this issue … they are after him because of it …

Arsalan: I got it.

SAMAA TV’s Mansoor Ali Khan says that the audiotape exposes the PTI claims that Bushra Bibi had nothing to do with politics, though some journalists had reported on this before.

He said anyone who wanted to say anything about Imran Khan and Bushra Bibi was declared a traitor. “The audiotape exposes the mindset of the think tanks within the PTI,” he said adding that the Supreme Court of Pakistan should take a suo moto notice.

Mansoor referred to several episodes targeting journalists and politicians under the PTI rule.

Sanaullah hints govt to conduct forensic audit of tape

Talking to SAMAA TV on the issue, Federal Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah said that the alleged audiotape had laid bare the PTI narrative of treason.

The PTI fabricated the narrative of treason to cover up corruption, he said.

He said that if PTI does not challenge this audiotape, it will be accepted as authentic. “Even if it is challenged and proved authentic, what will PTI do then?” he added.

The interior minister said the government has the option to carry out a forensic examination of the alleged audiotape to find out its authenticity.

Bushra bibi


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Ali Jul 03, 2022 04:55am
Someone must be bugging all the conversations made in PM house , this video leak confirm that doubt, who are they we all must think ? In future we might come to know that all departments are bugged including our executive, judiciary and our forces as well We will be worried on this rather than making case against some individuals
lame Jul 03, 2022 12:50pm
Its amazing how the media flips on a populist candidate so quickly. We saw with trump and bernie sanders.