NED’s report rules out collapse of building damaged in Karachi’s departmental store fire

The restoration process can last four months

A team of experts from NED University Karachi has submitted a report to the Sindh Building Control Authority (SCBA) regarding the condition of the building in Karachi - in which a departmental store had caught fire - which ruled out the collapse of the structure.

On June 2, a fire broke out in the basement of a departmental store near Karachi’s Central Jail at the intersection of Jail Chowrangi and Kashmir Road in the East district.

The fire turned into an inferno as it kept gaining strength. Soon, it turned into one of the city’s longest-running fire which was doused after four days of hectic efforts. One person lost his life, while three sustained burn injuries in the fire.

However, life loss was not the only damage caused by the fire. The departmental store was situated on the ground floor of a 16-storey residential complex. The fire caused significant damage to the building’s foundations and lefts cracks in its structure.

The visible charred marks on the building’s edifice could be seen from a far away distance. Due to these damages, the building was declared dangerous and unfit for human habitation by the authorities.

The report

The experts collectively collected 14 specimens and conducted a test of density, compressive strength and ultrasonic pulse velocity. The collection took eight days due to smoldering.

According to the report available with SAMAA Digital, 165 of 450 columns were affected more, but the foundation luckily remained intact.

NED University Vice-Chancellor (VC) Dr Sarosh Hashmat Lodi, while talking to SAMAA TV’s Rehan Ahmed, said they have submitted a report to the SCBA.

Dr Lodi said NED University played a role of a testing laboratory in the matter, and dispatched its report to the building authority after testing the affected building’s beams, columns, slabs, and foundation.

Regarding the findings, VC said that the foundation of the affected building was partially damaged and some of its pillars required consolidation and beams must be replaced.

He said that the PSI strength of concrete of some columns has weakened, but the building was not facing the danger of collapse.

VC said the columns will be restored according to the existing technique.

Dr Lodi said that the engineers will repair the structure which can last up to four months.

Karachi Fire

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