Dejected hockey player Ali Shan announces retirement

He cited closure of departments as the reasons behind his decision
<p>Photo: Facebook/Ali Shan</p>

Photo: Facebook/Ali Shan

Hockey player Ali Shan has announced retirement due to closure of departmental sports in Pakistan.

According to details, Shan was left dejected because of lack of employment opportunities after the departments were shut down.

Shan has also not received contract from the Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF), as well, for the past four months.

However, PHF Secretary Asif Bajwa is hopeful that he can convince the player about taking back his retirement.

“Ali Shan’s problem is our problem. We won’t let him retire from hockey,” Bajwa added.

Pakistan changed its sports structure from departmental to regional during former Prime Minister Imran Khan’s tenure. This idea made sense, among other benefits, in terms of offering better career paths to players and revival of local rivalries. However, lack of a proper transition plan, from departments to regions, has left local players in dire straits with many struggling to make ends meet.

After the regime change in Pakistan, it was expected that departmental cricket will be restored in Pakistan under the premiership of Shehbaz Sharif but no official notification has been issued in this regard so far.

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