Unlike other robbers, this Lahore ‘crime boss’ loves going to prison

He has taught more than 60 thieves and robbers
Jun 28, 2022

Lahore police on Tuesday arrested a “crime boss” and sealed his fate. If convicted, he will spend a good part of his life in prison. But, in this case, there was just one problem: the man wasn’t afraid of prison. Actually, going to jail was his USP.

The accused, known as dada ustaad, wields massive influence and respect in the crime circles as many thieves, committing petty crimes to massive robberies, were his disciples. He trained around 60 thieves and turned them into hardened robbers and bandits.

For him, prison was a hunting ground to sniff new recruits and train them in the art of robbery and dacoity.

We used to recruit rookies from prison, train them and conduct their reconnaissance, dada ustaad told SAMAA TV.

He added that after clearing the background check, recruits were allowed to commit crime.

After robberies, we used to share the loot and then everyone goes their way without ever contacting again, he added.

However, there was one caveat: if anyone got caught by the police, they were on their own. Ustaad would discard the disciple and went on hunting for a new one.

The police has prepared a list of his students and they will be paraded before the victims for identification in various cases registered against them.


Lahore Police

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