Why hundreds of unidentified bodies have been found in Lahore this year

The number is rising every month
Jun 27, 2022

Rescue services in Lahore have found at least 312 unidentified dead bodies so far this year, and the number continues to rise every passing month.

With an average of 52 bodies being found every month since January 2022, people feel alarmed.

Rescue workers and volunteers believe these people, mostly men, were killed in other cities but their bodies were dumped in Lahore by the killers.

Edhi officials have confirmed finding 312 bodies this year.

At least 33 bodies were found in January, 41 in February, 36 in March, and 42 in April. In May the number rose to 62 and in the 25 days of June rescuers have found 62 identified bodies so far.

Police officials say they are probing the deaths and that the initial investigation shows that victims were kidnapped from rural areas or other cities and brought to Lahore before being killed there, in an attempt to destroy evidence.

The unidentified bodies are buried by Edhi volunteers at a special cemetery after being photographed.

If the families successfully identify the victims and want to rebury them at their ancestral graveyards, the bodies are exhumed and handed over to them.


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