Lahore man accused of ‘rape’ by wife acquitted after 3 years

Suspect produced the Nikahnama signed by the plaintiff
Jun 25, 2022

A local court of Lahore on Saturday acquitted a man who was accused of kidnapping and rape by his wife after the suspect managed to produce the copy of his Nikahnama signed by the plaintiff.

According to the details, Abid Hussain’s wife had lodged a kidnapping and rape case against her husband in the Harbanspura Police Station in 2019. The police took action on the complaint and put Hussain behind the bars where he spent three years.

However, during the hearing on Saturday, the court ordered the release of the suspect after his counsel produced the Nikahnama signed by the plaintiff.

It was also learned that the married couple had a daughter too but after a few months following the birth, the woman had entered into an extra-marital affair and lodged the case at the behest of her paramour.

After the conclusion of the arguments, the court termed the case as an awful example of ‘societal depravity’ and said that the woman defamed the sacred relation of marriage for achieving personal motives.

The court said that it found no evidence that the plaintiff was kidnapped, or she was raped, adding that Sonia Bibi was still Abid Hussain’s wife.

The court said that instead of leveling such smear allegation, the woman should have approached a family court if she sought separation from her husband, adding that she still possesses this right today.

The court ordered the release of Abid Hussain after three years.


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