Karachi police arrest killer of a married woman in Manghopir area

Victim had refused to mend friendship with the suspect

Karachi Police on Friday arrested the main suspect who shot dead a married woman in the Manghopir area of Karachi whose four-year-old daughter was found under the body next morning.

The police said two suspects, Sami and Ali, have been apprehended so far while search for the rickshaw driver, who owned the pistol used for killing Mumtaz, was underway.

The victim’s mother told the police that her son-in-law Yasir and his friend Sami often used to gather at the former’s house for doing drugs.

According to Mumtaz’s mother, the victim went out on Sunday around 8pm on the pretext that she had to collect money from a man named Imran.

The deceased’s mother informed the police that Mumtaz also had a fight with her husband Yasir two days ago near the NIPA roundabout, and he tried to rip his wife’s clothes. However, the passersby intervened and saved Mumtaz. But, the husband left after threatening his wife of dire consequences.

During the investigation, the arrested suspect Sami revealed that Mumtaz, and he used to talk until six months ago when she stopped interacting with him.

He confessed to calling Mumtaz to dinner with the help of his friend Muhammad Ali who was their mutual.

Ali called Mumtaz to 4K roundabout from where he took her to Wangi Goth. Sami also reached there in a rickshaw.

There, Mumtaz and Sami nearly had a half-hour-long discussion but to no avail. At this, Sami shot Mumtaz from behind and the victim, who was carrying her four-year-old daughter in her arms, dropped the child and fell over her.

The police had recovered the infant alive from under the dead body next morning.


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