WATCH: Meera in tears over film’s denied release

Actor was upset at her film being classified as 'B-grade'
<p>SOURCE: YouTube - Abid Khan Official TV</p>

SOURCE: YouTube - Abid Khan Official TV

Meera is upset over the denied release of her upcoming film, Devdas, which she said has been claimed as a “B-class” movie.

In a recent press conference, the actor shared that she had some bad news relating to the current state of the entertainment industry in the country.

Meera said: “There are many films being made in Karachi which aren’t worth a watch, yet they’re getting screens and distributors across the country. However, my film, Devdas is not getting any screens in Pakistan.”

She added that the producer of the film spent all his money on it and is currently ill but he still hasn’t gotten any return on his work.

Meera continued: “We were told it’s a B-class production. But I want to know which film over here can be classified as an A-class production?” She also stressed that Punjabi is a beautiful and respectable language too.

The Baaji star - in tears - then concluded that whenever celebrities speak up for themselves, it’s often perceived as if they are trying to create controversies. But stressed, “Should we stop fighting for ourselves now?”

Meera was last seen in Parey Hut Love which released in cinemas in 2019. Prior to that, the actor starred as one of the leads in Baaji.


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