Elixir of love: Indian engineer leaks missile program info to ‘Pakistani spy’

Natasha befriended Reddy on Facebook but never shared photos, videos

An Indian engineer allegedly leaked classified information on India’s missile program after he was lured of marriage by an alleged ‘Pakistani spy’.

According to The Times of India (ToI), the engineer, D Maillikarjuna Reddy, 29, was working in the Advance Naval System Program at Defence Research and Development Laboratory (DRDL) since 2018.

He was arrested by the police on Friday after a tip-off by intelligence agencies. Reddy is charged with leaking sensitive information on India’s missile program to his lover who allegedly was a Pakistani spy, masquerading as Natasha Rao.

The suspect revealed passing on sensitive information during the investigation and the police want to have his custody to retrieve more information, police sources told ToI.

The Pakistani spy befriended Reddy on Facebook and successfully extracted sensitive data as she vowed marriage with Reddy.

Due to his job nature, the Indian engineer had access to defense manufacturing units - to inspect work progress - as well as the specialized components used in the missile development.

The engineer was in contact with Natasha for two years between January 2020 and December 2021.

A police official told ToI that Natasha had two other accounts on Facebook with assumed names, and she never shared her photos or videos with Reddy. She introduced herself as an employee of a UK-based defense journal.

The police have recovered two cell phones from the engineer from which it recovered photos and detailed text on missile development shared with Natasha.


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