Peoples Bus Service: Govt to establish bus manufacturing plant, says Sharjeel Memon

Says Imran Khan ran his government through ordinances
Jun 23, 2022
<p>Sindh Information Minister Sharjeel Memon. Photo Online</p>

Sindh Information Minister Sharjeel Memon. Photo Online

Sindh Information Minister Sharjeel Memon said that the Peoples Bus Service will start soon and the government will establish a plant to manufacture buses in the country.

He was talking to media in Karachi on Thursday.

Memon’s statement comes days after the launch much-awaited Peoples Bus Service was delayed due to “last-minute technical glitches’’ and expected monsoon rains.

The government plans to run 240 buses on six different routes. 250 buses have already arrived from China and successfully completed the test run earlier this month. The remaining 10 buses would ply in Larkana.

Sindh LG elections have not been postponed yet

Sindh information minister said that the local government elections have not been postponed.

The government is waiting for the Sindh High Court’s verdict in this regard, said Memon.

‘Imran Khan ran his government through ordinances’

Sharjeel Memon has said that Imran Khan never used proper democratic discourse to run his government, instead opted for ordinances to avoid the due legislative process through consensus of the majority.

“He issued ordinances to run the government because he never had a majority [in the national assembly],” said Memon.

The minister alleged that Imran Khan did not participate in the legislative process and instead ran the 3.5year-tenure of government through ordinances.

“Ordinances are not ‘unconstitutional’ but to bring about ordinances knowing that you do not have a majority vote in the parliament is questionable,” he pointed out, adding that Khan’s allies unwillingly supported him throughout his journey.

The information minister also asked the former prime minister if he did not know about RTS manipulation or how he was made to win after stealing the mandate of other people?

He also asked him to recite ‘Kalma’ before he clarifies on this.

The minister lamented that the ex-PM abhors that the ‘institutions actually became neutral’ as he wanted to rule the country like an emporer.

“You [Imran Khan] are the biggest dictator under the mask of a democratic leader.”

Sharjeel said, “Imran Khan has the mindset of a dictator who has targeted all his political opponents and sought the worst revenge from them.”

Anyone who opposed him during his tenure was thrown in jail, the information said.

Memon said that all political parties are with the state institutions. “There can be differences [with institutions] but it does not mean that one launches a smear campaign against our institutions and their leaders.”

Hinting at the corruption cases against Farah Gogi, the minister said, “The one who ran the system from Lahore is outside the country,” and demanded that Imran Khan should bring her back to face trial instead of defending her.

When asked about the grievances of the coalition partners, Memon said Pakistan Peoples Party wishes to maintain unity and will address any issue that come to light.

He also alleged that the mandate of MQM was stolen by PTI.

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