Karachi is 5th worst city to live in on Earth

EIU's global livability rankings place it just above the conflict-hit cities of Damascus, Tripoli
<p>Traders in Karachi’s main electronic market flood the streets to protest against load shedding on Wednesday, June 22, 2022. PHOTO: ONLINE</p>

Traders in Karachi’s main electronic market flood the streets to protest against load shedding on Wednesday, June 22, 2022. PHOTO: ONLINE

Karachi is amongst the worst cities to live in currently owing to poor stability, healthcare, culture, environment and infrastructure.

This was determined by the Economist Intelligence Unit in its annual Global Livability Index 2022, which was published on Thursday.

How the index works

The EIU defined livability as the best or the worst living conditions. It was assessed based on benchmarking perceptions of development levels to assigning a hardship allowance as part of expatriate relocation packages.

The index ranked cities for relative comfort over 30 qualitative and quantitative indicators across five broad categories including stability, healthcare, education, infrastructure, culture and environment.

A survey for the ranking was held between February 14 and March 13 this year.

Stability included indicators such as the prevalence of petty and violent crimes, threat of terror activities and military conflict and threats of other civil unrest or conflict. Stability accounted for 25% weight in the entire ranking

Healthcare, which accounted for 20% of the total score, included availability of private healthcare and its quality, availability and quality of public healthcare, availability of medicines over-the-counter and other general healthcare indicators.

Culture and environment accounted for 25% of the total score and included average humidity and temperatures, the discomfort of climate for travelers, level of corruption, social or religious restrictions, level of censorship, sporting and cultural activity availability, food and drink and consumer goods and services.

Education comprised 10% of the weight of the index score. It included the availability and quality of private education as well as indicators for public education.

Infrastructure accounted for 20% of the final score. It covered sectors such as the quality of road networks, public transport, international links, availability of quality housing, and quality amenity provisions including electricity, water and telecommunications.

Karachi’s ranking

According to the index, Karachi was ranked 168 amongst 173 cities with an index score of 37.5. This placed Karachi squarely in the middle of the bottom 10 cities of the world on the index.

It primarily suffered due to poor stability and healthcare.

It had a stability score of 20, at par with that of Lagos and Damascus. Its healthcare score was 33.3, which was better than that of Dhaka (29.2) and even Douala, Cameroon, both cities which sat several ranks above Karachi.

The metropolis also scored 35.2 for culture and environment above Tripoli but far less than the 40.5 of Dhaka or even 44.9 of Lagos.

For education, Karachi had a score of 66.7, far above Dhaka (41.7) and even Tehran (50) - both cities which were ranked far higher than Karachi.

In infrastructure, Karachi earned a score of 51.8, a score higher than any of the other cities listed in the bottom 10.

Best ranked cities

Vienna, Austria, returned to the top of the rankings for the first time since 2019 as the index saw sharp rises following the rollback of novel coronavirus (Covid-19) restrictions.

The top 10 positions were largely dominated by cities in Western European and North American economies.

Canada had three cities listed in the top 10 with Calgary the highest-ranked followed by Vancouver and Toronto. Switzerland was the only other country to see multiple cities included in the top 10 ranking with Zurich and Geneva both included.

Outside of Europe and North America, Osaka and Melbourne managed to break into the top 10, securing ninth and tenth place respectively.

Asif Jun 23, 2022 02:51pm
Shame for those who represent this city and the province where Karachi is situated.
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