Imran Ashraf fan goes viral after finding him in NYC neighbourhood

It took 2 weeks to the girls to find their favourite actor & finally found him!
<p>SOURCE: Instagram - Faarshii</p>

SOURCE: Instagram - Faarshii

Imran Ashraf, who was in the US a few weeks ago, was able to meet his die-hard fans who had been looking for 2 weeks.

Taking to Instagram, Imran Ashraf shared a video where two girls can be seen driving their car in a NYC neighbourhood where Imran Ashraf has posted a photo.

Taking clues from the picture, the two fans were able to find the location of the photo but unable to meet Imran Ashraf.

So they did what any sane person would do - starting calling him out via a mic and broadcasted the announcement, urging the actor to step out of the house.

And it worked! The girls then met their favourite star, Imran Ashraf, and also posed for a photo.

Imran Ashraf

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