Replies under Hassan Ali’s tweets are exactly what’s wrong with society

Samiya Arzoo became a victim of trolls who had issues with her wearing jeans

Hassan Ali is no stranger to trolls, especially if he ever performs badly in a cricket match. But this time around, his wife, Samiya Arzoo has fallen victim to the hate.

Hassan Ali and Samiya Arzoo have been vacationing in the northern areas of Pakistan. And while the couple looks like they’re having fun, others were adamant on passing judgements on their choices.

Samiya Arzoo flaunted denim on denim and paired her chic look with a white T-shirt. But netizens had other concerns which were uncalled for:

On the other hand, others were considerate and called out the hurtful comments instead:

Hassan Ali

Samiya Arzoo

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