All white liquids are not milk

After children fell sick in Faisalabad, PFA sets up mobile testing labs, to punish adulterators

After children fell sick in Faisalabad and the proliferation of adulterated milk in the city, the food authorities in the provincial capital have set up testing labs to ensure that consumers consume milk and not a concoction of harmful chemicals.

The Punjab Food Authority (PFA) has set up free milk testing labs across the city to guard against chemically adulterated milk that has been flooding the city’s markets.

PFA officials told SAMAA TV that their mobile testing kits take just a few minutes to check if the suspected sample contains milk or other harmful chemicals.

The roadside labs have been set up at various locations after there were complaints that adulterers were mixing various chemicals in the milk such as water, detergents and even urea in it to make it appear as milk.

As per officials, six free milk testing labs have been set up across Lahore by the authority to facilitate consumer rights.

The authority has urged citizens to bring a quarter of a liter (250ml) of raw milk to these labs for testing and get instant results about its quality.

If the initial test shows the presence of harmful chemicals, further tests are performed on the sample.

“We have an electro-scan machine to test it [milk sample]. Basic parameters of milk are already defined in the machine and if any variation is detected then it raises suspicion that the milk sample is adulterated,” a PFA official told SAMAA TV.

“We have another kit to check what has been added to the milk,” he added.

A citizen revealed that he was stunned by the results of the test. “I brought a sample from the milk that I buy for my kids from a local vendor to the testing facility and the results showed that it not only had excessive water, it also had urea in it.”

The authorities have warned that in case milk adulteration is verified at the labs, strict action will be taken against the milk supplier as well as the shop owner where the adulterated milk was being sold.



Punjab Food Authority


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