WATCH: Tourist couple goes viral for saving a child’s life in Naltar Valley

The boy was rescued after near-drowning episode

A couple went viral on social media after saving the life of a child who had experienced a near-drowning episode in Naltar Lake in Gilgit-Baltistan (GB).

According to the details, Dr Qurat-ul-Ain and her husband Israr had come to Naltar Valley on a visit from Multan.

The couple was visiting the Naltar Lake when they witnessed a young boy drowning in the lake. The boy was rescued from the lake, but his condition had deteriorated as the water had traveled into his lungs, making him unconscious.

With no medical facility nearby and immediate help needed, the doctor couple stepped up to save the life of the victim.

Israr tried mouth-to-mouth resuscitation while Dr Qurat-ul-Ain compressed his chest through Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) therapy method.

A few moments later, the efforts came to fruition and the victim’s breathing was restored.

The couple received appreciation from the people present on the side. When the video of the humanitarian act was posted on social media, the response was no different.

It went viral on different social platforms in no time and the users sang praises of the couple for saving the victim’s life.

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Naltar lake

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