‘Stop criticism’: PCB, PSL franchises embroiled in another deadlock

Ramiz Raja was criticised recently by a former cricketer
<p>Photo: PCB</p>

Photo: PCB

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) is reportedly unhappy with the statements given by the players and officials associated with the Pakistan Super League franchises.

According to Daily Express, the PCB is working on a new code of conduct to ensure that the board doesn’t face criticism from the aforementioned players and officials in the future.

The PCB officials were left fuming when a former Test cricketer, linked with a franchise, strongly criticised Ramiz Raja. When PCB decided to take action against the said individual, they were told that they didn’t have the authority for such a step. This is what led to the decision of changing the code of conduct.

However, the franchises believe that such a change in unnecessary since a code of conduct already exists in their contract with the PCB. They also stated that it is hard to stop legendary cricketers, like Wasim Akram, from giving statements in the media.

The report added disagreement over the matter has resulted in a deadlock between the two parties. The Governing Council meeting hasn’t taken place for quite a while now. Few days back, a meeting was held about the operational issues of the league but PCB Chairman Ramiz Raja was absent. Although, CEO Faisal Hasnain was in attendance.

The PCB Director Media Sami-ul-Hassan Burney also confirmed that changes are being made to the code of conduct.

“We are working on the code of conduct because it needs to be updated. We don’t intend to target a particular person through it. We update certain things from time to time in order to strengthen the PSL brand,” said Burney.

Burney also clarified that PCB doesn’t want to punish the franchises through the new code of conduct.

“The draft hasn’t been prepared yet, so it is difficult to comment on this. However, we are not changing the code of conduct to punish or suspend someone,” he said.



Ramiz Raja


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