WATCH: The moment Iman Vellani learnt she’ll play Ms Marvel

Marvel's first Pakistani Muslim superhero learnt of the casting call through WhatsApp
<p>Iman Vellani appears on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on June 8 (Photo: Screengrab/ Facebook)</p>

Iman Vellani appears on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on June 8 (Photo: Screengrab/ Facebook)

Pakistani-Canadian actor Iman Vellani, Marvel’s first-ever Pakistani and Muslim superhero, has recounted how she got the lead role in Ms Marvel as she made an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Thursday evening.

The 19-year-old star shared her love for Marvel’s superheroes and gushed about meeting Marvel Studios’ president Kevin Feige.

Jimmy also showed the video of a videoconference call where Kevin told Iman that she has been selected for the role of Kamala Khan, sharing her first reaction on landing the role.

“Kevin Feige on my phone was bigger than me getting the part,” she told the host.

The Ms Marvel star added that her aunt forwarded a WhatsApp message about the casting call which she thought was “super sketchy”.

“Super sketchy, I don’t know what casting calls look like. But I’m like, obsessed with Marvel, read all the comics in high school, dressed up as her on Halloween…,” Iman said.

“I sent in my self-tape at like 3am, wasn’t gonna do it. And then the next day I get a call, they were like, ‘Do you have a lawyer? We wanna fly you to LA’ And I was like, I have a math test, but can we like […] we’ll figure this out!”

Talking about the meeting with Spider-Man star Tom Holland, Iman said she was half-dressed in her make-up trailer when Tom came in where she tried to be “smart”, but Tom spoiled Spider-Man: No Way Home for Iman Vellani on the set.

“So like, what’s your show even about?” Iman recalled Tom had asked her. “And I’m like […] Oh, what’s Spider-Man [No Way Home] about?”

“And he fully just like shows me a photo of like, him with Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire,” she recounted.

Ms Marvel streamed on Disney+ on June 8. The six-episode series will make its debut in Pakistani cinemas on June 16, with two episodes combined into a feature-length presentation.

As the mini-series finally landed on global screens, the expectations and excitement are on the rise for Marvel’s latest adventure with people coming out in appreciation on social media appreciating the team while many lauding Iman’s character as “wonderful, charming and quirky”.

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