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PTI long march: PM Shehbaz commends security personnel deployed in Red Zone

Road blocks removed across country
Updated 26 May, 2022 04:04pm

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif on Thursday commended the security personnel for protecting the Red Zone of Islamabad throughout Wednesday from the protesters of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI).

Visiting the security personnel who were deployed in the Islamabad’s Red Zone to block marchers of PTI’s long march before attending the National Assembly (NA) session, he said the personnel performed their duties diligently and protected the lives and properties of the people.

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He said everyone has to take country forward with sense of patriotism, adding that the country can only progress with implementation of Constitution and law.

Protests called off

After several hours of being on the road, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) convoys, led by party chief Imran Khan held a rally on Jinnah Avenue in the federal capital early on Thursday morning.

Police and PTI protesters clashed all night near D-Chowk as the government tried to stop protestors. PTI protesters finally gained a foothold in the Red Zone after the police seemed to have withdrawn.

To stave off the effects of tear gas, protesters set trees and bushes on Jinnah Avenue and Ata Turk Avenue leading towards D-Chowk on fire. A police van was also set on fire.

Meanwhile, court mandated talks between the government and PTI delegations to find an amicable solution to the crisis, have yet to be held.

Since being removed from power through a no-confidence vote last month, Khan has heaped pressure on the country’s fragile new coalition government by staging mass rallies across the country. He and his party have now launched a march onto the capital to force the government into dissolving the assemblies and announce dates for fresh elections.

The government, however, is determined to foil the plans of the PTI. It closed several roads and highways around the country, including sealing off D-Chowk in the federal capital. Earlier, police squads raided the homes of PTI activists.

The authorities have also imposed Section 144 in Sindh, Punjab, and Islamabad Capital Territory, banning the assembly of more than four people.

Here are the latest updates from the ground:

All roads cleared in Lahore: Traffic police

Lahore Traffic Police has said all road blocks placed across the city have been removed and normal traffic has resumed.

Motorway Police has said containers placed at GT Road have been removed and all roads till Shahdara are clear.

Roads opened in Rawalpindi

The district administration has started removing road blocks placed across the city.

Road blocks continue to disrupt life in Gujranwala

Despite the PTI chairman’s announcement to end the long march, the roads in Gujranwala have not been opened. According to SAMAA TV’s Umer Farooq, all entry and exit points were still blocked with containers. There is still a heavy police presence at Sadoki while GT Road has been closed at Chenab Pull near Wazirabad.

Protesters disperse at Numaish Chowrangi

After PTI Chairman Imran Khan announced to end the long march, the protesters at Karachi’s Numaish dispersed after ending the protest. The roads that were closed Thursday have been reopened.

Imran claims to have liberated the public, demands justice

Imran Khan addressing his supporters at Jinnah Avenue in Islamabad after an hours-long march. PHOTO: TIKKA SANI/SAMAA TV
Imran Khan addressing his supporters at Jinnah Avenue in Islamabad after an hours-long march. PHOTO: TIKKA SANI/SAMAA TV

Having reached Jinnah Avenue, Imran Khan addressed the public.

He said that the government used to threaten the public with fake cases, tear gas, baton charge, police brutality but the country had finally liberated itself of fear, he said, adding that a nation that is gripped by fear can be easily enslaved.

PTI workers storm D-Chowk

As dawn broke over the federal capital, dozens of PTI protesters assailed the shipping containers installed at D-Chowk and secured it.

The move came after it appeared that police, frontier constabulary and even the Rangers - who had previously jealously guarded control over the public square - had withdrawn from the key intersection at the confluence of the all critical Red Zone.

Samaa TV’s Adil Tanoli reported that PTI workers were moving about freely in D-Chowk. Some workers managed to climb atop of containers while others managed to push away containers to make room.

Imran’s convoy heads towards Sector G-9

After entering the federal capital, Imran Khan’s convoy is heading towards the dedicated area for staging their rally.

Samaa TV’s correspondent Tikka Khan Sani said that the convoy is pointing in the direction of D-Chowk but it is located closer to Karachi Company, Sector G-9

Cat & mouse games at D-Chowk

Some PTI workers tried once again to enter D-Chowk and pelt police officers. However, the riot police managed to push the PTI supporters towards China Chowk.

On Embassy Road, convoys of PTI workers have been stopped and pushed back, reported Samaa TV’s Adil Tanoli.

Govt has failed: Shah Mehmood Qureshi

PTI Vice Chairman Shah Mehmood Qureshi, speaking on Samaa TV said that they have reached Blue Area of the federal capital, adding that there are hundreds of thousands of supporters in their convoy because of which the lead container is moving at a snail’s place.

“The government has completely failed,” he said, adding that in their panic, the government had to resort to calling in the army under Article 245 to guard critical infrastructure.

The Islamabad and Punjab police have failed, he said, adding that the government today turned the federal capital into something resembling the Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir. He added that for two days they conducted illegal raids against supporters.

The former foreign minister further said that the government’s attempts to negotiate with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) also failed.

Earlier, many PTI workers started removing containers installed on Zero Point.

SC should take notice of Imran moving to D-Chowk

Federal Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah said that after submitting a petition in the Supreme Court and getting relief after giving assurances to the Supreme Court that they should be allowed to stage a rally between Sectors H-9 and Sectors G-9 an anarchist group has managed to force itself into the federal capital.

The interior minister said that the protesters and their leader are moving towards D-Chowk, violating their commitment.

PML-Q asks to avoid Model Town-like situation

Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid (PML-Q) Chief Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain said that he has never seen such a situation in the country before, adding that it could lead to anarchy and lawlessness in the country. He called on the military and the judiciary to find a cogent and permanent solution to the crisis. He added that the economic crises in the country have worsened with rising prices continuing to crush the common man.

On the international stage, he said that the condition in Pakistan is being closely monitored. Fearing a repeat of the situation that developed in the Model Town incident, he called on the police to stop shelling protesters with tear gas.

Islamabad police tells PTI, Imran to not enter Red Zone

The Islamabad Police chief on Thursday morning urged PTI’s protesters and its chief to follow the directives of the Supreme Court and stage their rally in Sector H-9.

In a statement posted on their official account on microblogging site twitter, they said that will not tolerate any unauthorized person attempting to enter the high-security Red Zone.

“All protesters and their leader are requested to follow the directives of the superior courts and avoid entering the Red Zone,” said Islamabad IGP Dr Akbar Nasir.

Imran asks supporters to get to D-Chowk

Having reached Srinagar Highway in the federal capital, PTI Chief Imran Khan early on Thursday asked all of his supporters to return to D-Chowk opposite the parliament.

“Get to D-Chowk, I am also reaching there,” Imran said from atop his specially-designed mobile platform.

He further assured that all the police in D-Chowk, who pushed PTI protesters back earlier, will withdraw once they see him coming.

“They will leave because when they see us, they will realize we are not here for politics but for ‘jihad’.”

Imran’s comments about getting to D-Chowk suggested that he has no plans to stage a rally in Sector H-9.

Meanwhile, some female lawmakers of the PTI have returned to D-Chowk. They had previously left after suffering from the effects of the tear gas fired by the police.

The lawmakers include Zille Huma, Alia Hamza, Dr Nausheen Hamid, Ghazala Saifi, Munawara Muneer and others.

Govt asks army to secure critical structures

The government has asked the army to deploy its personnel in the Red Zone, in aid of civil powers, to guard key government installations.

Samaa TV’s Zulqarnain Iqbal reported that a notification to this effect has been issued by Interior Ministry’s Joint Secretary Muhammad Ramzan. He added that per the notice, the army has been asked by the federal government to step in to ensure security of critical buildings under Article 245 of the Constitution.

The notice said that the army has been asked to deploy “sufficient strength of troops of Pakistan Army in the Red Zone of Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT).”

The critical government infrastructure which the military will guard includes the Supreme Court building, the Parliament House, Presidency, the Prime Minister’s Office and the Prime Minister House, Pakistan Television Headquarters, and Pakistan Secretariat.

The military has also been asked to guard the Diplomatic Enclave where several embassies and residences of foreign diplomatic staff are located.

PTI convoy nears capital

The PTI chief’s convoy has reached the outskirts of the federal capital. Samaa TV’s Zaheer Ali reported that the convoy led by Imran Khan has reached Chungi 26 near Jhangi Sayedan and are near Srinagar Highway and the ground in Sector H-9.

He added tha PTI leaders have suggested that once they reach the ground, they will decide whether to go to H-9 or push ahead towards D-Chowk.

Police push PTI protesters back from D-Chowk

Police have managed to parry a fresh push by PTI protesters to occupy D-Chowk and enter the Red Zone in the federal capital.

Large contingents of Islamabad’s riot police resorted to firing tear gas and charging protesters with batons to drive them back.

PTI protesters, meanwhile, pelted police with stones and set fire to more trees and buses to dull the effects of tear gas fired by the police.

As a result of the clashes, several people have been injured. This includes over two dozen law enforcers, including 18 officers of the Islamabad police, Punjab police and the Frontier Constabulary. At least nine paramilitary Rangers have also been injured.

An injured police officer is helped in the treatment room of PIMS in the federal capital. PHOTO: SAMAA TV
An injured police officer is helped in the treatment room of PIMS in the federal capital. PHOTO: SAMAA TV

These officers were shifted to PIMS for medical treatment.

Samaa TV reported that PTI Senator Azam Swati was among those injured. He was taken to Polyclinic hospital in Islamabad for medical treatment.

PTI Senator Azam Swati receives treatment at Polyclinic hospital. PHOTO: SAMAA TV
PTI Senator Azam Swati receives treatment at Polyclinic hospital. PHOTO: SAMAA TV

Metro station set on fire

Several PTI workers have set a Metro station on fire near China Chowk as police pushed the protestors from Red Zone.

SAMAA TV’s Islamabad Bureau Chief Khalid Azeem has reported that protestors have started damaging public property near China Chowk Underpass in the Blue Area.

Khan to reach Islamabad soon

The PTI chief, in his video message on Twitter, said the convoy is expected to reach Islamabad soon, as he reiterated his demand for the government’s removal and early elections.

Khan vows to hold the “biggest march” in the political history of Pakistan if the government does not agree to his demands. In a video message, the ousted prime minister announced that he was about to reach Islamabad within an hour.

PM orders authorities to stop Imran from entering red zone amid fears of armed stand-off

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has ordered Islamabad authorities to stop Imran Khan from entering Islamabad’s red zone after receiving reports from the country’s security agencies, SAMAA TV’s Usman Khan reported.

The PM has been informed that armed personnel of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Gilgit-Baltistan were accompanying PTI leadership on security duty in the march. At least two SSP rank officers from GB were in the march with their contingents.

The interior ministry has told the PM that a standoff may occur if armed personnel from both sides come face to face, said Usman.

The prime minister has told the authorities to prevent a face-off between armed personnel and not to allow Imran Khan in the red zone in view of the Supreme Court orders.

The government has decided to approach the apex court to take notice of the issue.

Authorities prepare to dislodge PTI workers from D-Chowk

Islamabad authorities are preparing to launch an operation to dislodge PTI activists from Islamabad’s D-Chowk, SAMAA TV’s Adil Tanoli reported.

Islamabad IGP has called a police force deployed at the entry points of the city to the red zone area.

The Rangers have been deployed in the red zone while backup has also been called in.

Sanaullah says Imran Khan in contempt of court

Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah has said that Imran Khan’s call for PTI workers to reach D-Chowk is in contempt of the Supreme Court which conditionally allowed the PTI to hold a rally at H-9.

The interior minister said that PTI workers in D-Chowk had not only set trees on fire but were also attacking the police.

Imran Khan’s convoy picks up speed

SAMAA TV’s Zaheer Khan has reported that Imran Khan’s convoy has picked up speed after crossing Burahn Interchange and was near Texila before 10pm.

PTI’s social media accounts claimed a group led by Zulfi Bukhari was clearing obstacles by traveling in front of the main convoy.

PTI activists reach D-Chowk, set fire to trees, vehicles

A view of burning trees near Islamabad’s D-Chowk. PHOTO ONLINE
A view of burning trees near Islamabad’s D-Chowk. PHOTO ONLINE

A considerable number of PTI activists have reached Islamabad’s D-Chowk in front of the Parliament. Police used tear gas to disperse them but in vain.

SAMAA TV’s Shehzad Ali reported that PTI workers have taken over the area and the police have retreated behind trees. PTI’s Sadaqat Abbasi have led groups to arrive at the D-Chowk.

Earlier, Islamabad police said in a statement that “long march protesters” had set fire to trees and vehicles in the Blue Area.

Police called the fire brigade and the fire was extinguished at some places but the protesters again set the trees on fire at the Express Chowk, it said in a tweet.

Security in the red zone has been beefed up.

PTI workers, meanwhile, have been claiming that the fire was caused by tear gas shelling.

Other reports said that PTI workers were using fires to mitigate the effect of tear gas.

Islamabad IG Dr Akbar Nasir Khan has warned that anyone trying to force entry into the red zone would be dealt with as no one was allowed to enter the area.

He said that in other places, officers are instructed not to use force. Protesters are urged to remain calm and should not throw stones or damage property, he said.

Imran Khan claims after SC verdict he would reach D-Chowk

Imran Khan has claimed that after the Supreme Court of Pakistan orders, there would be no obstacles in the way of PTI activists and everyone should try to reach Islamabad.

Speaking before the sunset, he said he would reach D-Chowk in about an hour or more.

The apex court earlier allowed the PTI to hold a rally in H-9 sector in return for assurance from the party that it would not create a law and order situation.

Khan’s convoy at Burhan Interchange

SAMAA TV’s Zaheer Khan reported that Imran Khan’s convoy was at Burhan Interchange near Hassanabdal as the sun set.

Imran Khan says he’s entered Punjab

At around 7pm Wednesday, PTI Chief Imran Khan said that the party convoy he is leading has crossed into Punjab from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

The former prime minister tweeted a drone video showing PTI marchers on the Peshawar Islamabad motorway (M1).

Standing on his container truck, Imran Khan waved a large national flag.

SAMAA TV journalists attacked in Karachi

SAMAA TV journalists including reporter Zamzam Saeed have been attacked by protesters as they were covering the PTI protest near Numaish Chowrangi in Karachi.

The protesters pelted the SAMAA TV broadcast van (also known as DSNG) with stones, wounding Zamzam Saeed and cameraperson Imran. A TV was left broken.

Zamzam and the cameraperson had to seek refuge in the DSNG van of another TV channel as they ran for their lives.

Another female reporter from a different TV channel was also assaulted by protesters. Read more here

PTI activists set fire to police van in Karachi

In Karachi, PTI activists set fire to a police prison van near Numaish Chowrangi late afternoon.

Earlier, they clashed with police, damaged a police armored vehicle, and beat up a policeman near Khudadad Colony.

Several policemen and PTI workers were wounded. A woman police officer was among them.

A wounded PTI activist, Maqsood, told SAMAA TV’s Ahmer Rehman Khan that policemen were attacking PTI activists including women and that he was injured trying to protect them. Meanwhile, a policeman fell down and was beaten by protesters, he said.

After the first clash, the PTI workers made s push for the Numaish Chowrangi from Khudada Colony, located at a short distance. They moved as far as the Quaid-e-Azam Mausoleum and throw stones at policemen deputed inside the premises of the landmark.

Two prisoner vans were kept on standby in case of possible arrests and one of them was set on fire. While woman police officers were also present at the site.

According to traffic police, MA Jinnah road and its adjoining areas have been blocked.

Talking to SAMAA TV’s Zamzam Saeed, PTI Sindh President Ali Zaidi termed the violence a “state terrorism” against citizens, saying that the ruling-PTI had never stopped people from holding democratic protests but the coalition government has been using force against “peaceful demonstrations”.

PTI activists push through barricades at Faizaabad

Shortly after 6pm, the PTI activist broke through barricades at Islamabad’s Faizabad junction and were moving towards Zero Point.

Clashes broke out as the PTI activists pelted policemen with stones and the security personnel fired tear gas shells.

The PTI workers, however, were moving ahead in a big rally, SAMAA TV reported.

The development came as the Supreme Court of Pakistan allowed the PTI to hold a protest rally in Islamabad’s H-9 sector.

Internet disruption

Internet disruptions were reported across Pakistan Wednesday evening as Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf workers staged protests in several cities and marched toward Islamabad.

The PTI later issued a statement saying that it had shut down internet service in several Punjab cities at the request of the government. Read more here

‘Nation rejected politics of armed gangs’

Information Minister Marriyum Aurangzeb told a press conference at around 6:30 that the Pakistani nation has rejected the politics of armed gangs.

She said that Imran Khan launched a similar protest to foment unrest in the country in 2014 when the PML-N leadership was working for the progress of the country.

Imran Khan rejects reports of deal

PTI chairman Imran Khan denied any report of deal with the government.

He said that deliberate disinformation has been spread that a deal has been reached between the PTI and the government. “Absolutely not! We are moving towards Islamabad & no question of any deal. We will remain in Islamabad till announcement of dates for dissolution of assemblies & elections are given.”

Read the full story here

No power can stop ‘Haqiqi Azadi March’, says Imran Khan

Former prime minister Imran Khan criticized the government calling it a US slave and corrupt.

He said that the government is putting containers everywhere to stop the “Haqiqi Azadi March” because they have been afraid of the people.

Sanaullah sets conditions for permission as contacts open between PTI, govt

Federal Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah has said that the government was holding talks over permitting the PTI to stage a protest in Islamabad, but it would be granted only if the party guaranteed that it would not turn the protest into a protracted sit-in.

Read the full story here

No agreement reached between PTI, govt

Federal government and the PTI has not reached any agreement, Federal Minister for Information Marriyam Aurangzeb tweeted.

Terming the reports baseless, Aurangzeb said that no agreement has been signed with ‘armed militia.’

On the other hand, PTI leader Shah Mehmood Qureshi also confirmed that they have not reached agreement with the government. He was addressing the PTI marchers in Swabi.

Lahore police briefly detained PTI leaders Dr Yasmin Rashid and Andaleeb Abbas. The arrest comes as PTI supporters and police clash near Timber Marker in Lahore’s Niazi Chowk, SAMAA TV’s Shaheen Shehzadi.

Lahore High Court orders release of detained PTI workers

Police personnel fire tear gas shell on protesters in Lahore. PHOTO ONLINE
Police personnel fire tear gas shell on protesters in Lahore. PHOTO ONLINE

Chief Justice Lahore High Court Ameer Bhatti has ordered CCPO Lahore to release PTI leaders and workers detained by the police.

Those who give the undertaking, should be released immediately, the court said.

Over 170 arrested from Karachi

Over 170 people, including PTI leaders and workers, have been arrested from Karachi. They have been accused of violating Section 144.

‘There is a threat to Imran Khan’s life’

Attorney General of Pakistan told Supreme Court on Wednesday that according to the intelligence reports, there’s a threat of suicide attack on Imran Khan.

PTI’s ‘Haqiqi Azadi March’ begins

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has begun “Haqiqi Azadi March” against the federal government from Wali Interchange, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Before leaving for the march, the PTI chief and former prime minister Imran Khan shared a special message for the entire nation especially to the people of KP.

In the video message, Imran Khan said “I am going to begin the march from Peshawar and straightaway we will arrive at Wali Interchange. I invite all KP people to come to Wali Interchange to take forward “Haqiqi Azadi March”.

A large number of PTI workers and supporters are already present at Peshawar Toll Plaza and moving towards Swabi in convoys. They said they will cross all barricades to reach Islamabad.

Arrangements have been made at Swabi Interchange for PTI convoys. Fans, tents, and chairs have been set up for the protestors.

Imran Khan to leave from Swabi at 3pm

PTI chief Imran Khan will leave from Swabi at 3pm in a special container along with his party leaders and supporters.

He has given the responsibility to the youth to remove all blockades today, reiterating that their protest would be peaceful.

He also announced that their march will stay 10km away from Islamabad’s D- Chowk.

Islamabad administration rejects PTI application

The Islamabad administration on Wednesday rejected the PTI application seeking a no-objection certificate (NOC) for the sit-in against the federal government at the capital’s main Srinagar Highway.

Read the full story here

PTI workers clash with police near Lahore’s Niazi Chowk

PTI workers clash with the law enforcers as they try to remove blockades placed by the authorities.

A heavy contingent of police is present at the scene. Police have resorted to resorted to tear gas shelling to disperse the protesters.

PIA flights delayed

PIA spokesperson said flights can be delayed due to roads blockades. Passengers are advised to leave early for the airports for their flights.

Special container prepared for PTI chief Imran Khan

A special container has been made for PTI chief Imran Khan on the instruction of former federal minister Umar Ayub. The container is equipped with an air conditioner, sofa and other facilities along with a toilet.

The container has been sent to Swabi under police custody.

Police fire tear gas on Dr Yasmeen’s convoy in Lahore

Punjab Police fired tear gas shells on PTI leader Yasmin Rashid’s convoy near Niazi Chowk in Lahore. Police are trying to disburse the protesters gathered.

Barricaded Islamabad

Islamabad was sealed Tuesday night with authorities placing shipping containers at Faizabad, Ayub Chowk, Expressway, NADRA Chowk, and the crossroad near Serena hotel.

Faizabad is a key junction that has seen protests from political and religious parties in the past. Any protest at this point could disrupt life in Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

More shipping containers were brought to Faizabad Tuesday evening before it was sealed, SAMAA TV reported.

The authorities have already sealed Islamabad’s red zone where the Parliament, government offices and diplomatic missions are located.

The PTI had earlier hinted that it was planning to stage protracted a sit-in near the Srinagar Highway — the main artery of the city — without entering the red zone, but Imran Khan later changed the plans and announced that he will reach D-Chowk.

Consequently, the authorities have blocked all the entry points.

In Rawalpindi, the government has sealed all the bus terminals, effectively shutting down inter-city public transport. Pirwadhai and Soan bus terminals were the first to be sealed.

The authorities have told transporters not to ply their vehicles for the next few days.

The government is also deploying over 22,000 security personnel in Islamabad including 4,000 from Pakistan Rangers and 8,000 from Punjab Constabulary.

At least 2,000 anti-riot police officers and another 2,000 Sindh police personnel have also been called in to assist Punjab police.


All routes from Lahore to Islamabad, including the motorways, have been closed with containers. The tires of the containers full of goods were blown out while Police personnel are deployed at Babu Sabo, Bati Chowk and Thokar Niaz Beg Interchange.

Commuters try to make their way across a bridge over the Ravi River along a road partially blocked with containers by local authorities to hinder mobility ahead of the sit-in planned in Islamabad by PTI. Photo: AFP
Commuters try to make their way across a bridge over the Ravi River along a road partially blocked with containers by local authorities to hinder mobility ahead of the sit-in planned in Islamabad by PTI. Photo: AFP

The Punjab government has placed shipping containers over the Ravi Bridge. A heavy contingent of police is deployed there.

The blockade is causing massive traffic jam. On Tuesday, people were forced to carrying their motorcycles on boats to cross the Ravi River.

Photo: Online
Photo: Online

Google Map showed that the motorways leading out of Lahore have been closed at multiple points.

The government has also closed GT Road at Shahdara, SAMAA TV reported.


All routes from Gujranwala to Islamabad have completely been sealed. Three bridges on GT Road have been closed by placing containers.

All educational institutes have been called off while matric exams have been postponed.


The authorities have closed the motorway by placing shipping containers at Kamalpur Interchange in Faisalabad.

Reports said PTI activists were planning to leave for Islamabad via motorway.

A heavy contingent of Punjab police has been deployed near the motorway to prevent activists from breaking through barricades.


GT Road near River Chenab in Gujarat has been completely cordoned off and the police personnel have been deployed. Locals are facing trouble to move from one place to another.


The GT Road (N-5) has been closed near Jhelum as well by placing shipping containers over Jhelum Bridge. Local traffic was using the old bridge encountering long delays.

KP road links disconnected

All the major roads linking Punjab with KP –– the PTI home province where the party is still in power — have been cut using barricades.

Police and district officials blocked the GT Road by placing shipping containers over the Attock Khurd Bridge which marks the border between Punjab and KP.

They also closed the motorway M1 connecting the two provinces.

Meanwhile, other motorways traversing Punjab, including M2, have been blocked at several places.

In South Punjab district of Bhakkar, the authorities closed the road link with KP’s Dera Ismail Khan by placing shipping containers on the Darya Khan bridge.

SAMAA TV’s Ahmed Nawaz Mughal reported that the local administration in Bhakkar had closed the roads using shipping containers.

Images show local traffic stopped at a road blocked by a trailer truck.


After the announcement of the PTI sit-in in Karachi, Preedi Street and Numaish Chowrangi were closed with containers.

Roads leading to the Peoples Secretariat from Corridor 3 have been closed with water tankers. There is a heavy contingent of police on MA Jinnah Road. Traffic officials have appealed to the citizens not to use MA Jinnah Road suggesting that an alternative route should be taken.

Section 144

Meanwhile, Sindh and Punjab governments and the Islamabad capital territory administration have imposed Section 144.

Under Section 144, the display of arms and the assembly of more than five people is banned. Along with this, a ban has also been placed on the tools that could possibly be used for aggression as well as provocative speeches.

It has also been learned that the Punjab government is also considering summoning the paramilitary Rangers to ensure the law and order situation in the province.

Meanwhile, the Islamabad High Court Bar Association has moved the Supreme Court of Pakistan against the closure of roads and highways and arrest of political workers ahead of the PTI’s long march.

Government warns PTI

The federal cabinet has warned PTI that they will not be allowed to spread chaos, violence, and anarchy by besieging the country’s capital in the name of so-called Long March.

Minister for Information and Broadcasting Marriyum Aurangzeb says the government is fully prepared to deal with the long march of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), which is hell-bent on spreading violence, and chaos and anarchy in the country.

Information Minister Marriyum Aurangzeb said it is the state’s responsibility to protect all the citizens, including traders, entrepreneurs, students and women which shall be fulfilled at all costs.

She said the federal and Punjab governments have decided that there would be no compromise on the writ of the state.