Parliament has disappointed the nation: Siddiqui

Nov 30, -0001
On News Beat with Meher Bokhari

LAHORE: The Parliament has disappointed the nation by not declaring the November 3, 2007 steps as illegal, Saeed-u-Zaman Siddiqui said in News Beat Tuesday.

The former President, Musharraf took illegal steps by passing ordinances. The Supreme Court of Pakistan gave its verdict on the November 3, 2007 steps and all other steps taken after it as illegal. It was the responsibility of the Parliament to prove them illegal but it did not do so. The nation had greater expectations from the democratic government but it failed to fulfill them, he added.

Media is free in this country and it has also played a very important role in the restoration of the Judiciary. There is public pressure on the government and now it cannot escape from the people of the country. The civil Society is very much awake and is monitoring everything. The government needs to resolve the issues of the 17th Amendment and the November 3, 2007 steps.

The government also needs to bring the constitution of Pakistan at its previous position, i.e. that of 1999 before the military can take over the country. A movement should be launched in the country on the issue of the 17th Amendment. If the Parliament fails to decide anything on the National Reconciliation Order (NRO), then the Supreme Court would give its final verdict on the issue, he said. SAMAA


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